Configuring PhpStorm IDE for Yii 1.1

  1. Code completion
  2. Enhanced code navigation
  3. Testing

Note: This article explains the settings for Yii 1.1. For Yii 2 there is another Wiki article.

Code completion

  1. Exclude yiilite.php from index:
    - `File → Settings → IDE Settings → File Types`.
    - `yiilite.php` to `Ignore files and folders`.
  2. Exclude not used directories, specify resources.
    - `File → Settings → Project settings → Directories`.
    - Mark `framework/cli/views`, `protected/runtime` and `assets` as `excluded`.
    - Mark website root as `resource root`.
  3. Specify path to your PHP.
    - `File → Settings → Project settings → PHP → PHP Home`.
  4. If your project uses common Yii framework folder you need to include it.
    • File → Settings → Project settings → PHP → PHP Home → Add.
    • Specify a path to framework directory.
  5. If you are writing unit tests you can include PHPUnit to get code completion:
    • File → Settings → Project settings → PHP → PHP Home → Add.
    • Specify a path to PHPUnit.
  • Complete code: Ctrl+Space.
  • Show method arguments: Ctrl+Q.

Enhanced code navigation

In order to be able to get from render or renderPartial to the view, from widget to widget class, from relations to model classes you need to install additional plugin called YiiStorm.


You should install PHPUnit to run unit tests.

  1. PHPUnit.
    • Follow official PHPUnit installation guide.
    • In your IDE: Run → Edit configurations.
    • Press "+".
    • Name: anything.
    • Test: depending on what do you want to test select an appropriate option. Specify path.
    • Use XML configuration file: specifying path to phpunit.xml. Often it's path_to_your_webroot/protected/tests/phpunit.xml.
  • To run tests use SHIFT+F10.
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