free PHP IDE CodeLobster supports Yii framework

This page is created to supply short directions and general tips for managing a Yii application in Codelobster PHP Edition.


To run functional tests and unit tests in Yii, you need to install Yii framework with the help of Yii plugin at Codelobster

  • Install Yii

  • Open " Plugins – Yii – Create Project " and set the correct path to your future project.

  • Configure installation and install Yii


  • Run Yii project – open index.php file and Press F5
Code completion

To get context sensitive code completion, follow these steps:

  • In your code, you'll most likely want to have code completion for class methods/properties for objects passed in the global namespace to "current" file your editing. For example, when a controller object is being passed into a view file. To have code completion in this case, just write code that you need and Pop-up completion list will help you to write code faster

  • For above and many more reasons, Yii core files should be kept outside project directory and anywhere outside any web-accessible directory. I.e. if you keep your project files in Apache's httpd directory, it is wise to create a new dir (called yii, framework or smth. like that) in the same level of dirtree (inside Apache main folder,not in httpd dir!) and put Yii core files there. If you do that, you have to include Yii folder in Include Path, as it is written above.


  • Typing suggestions: Ctrl-Space

  • Show help of the element: Place pointer on element and press F1


Codelobster configures debug setting by default at your system

  • To see your debug setting go to Tools – Preferences – Debugger – Settings

  • If you want you can change this settings


  • Debug project: F5

  • F9 - Use breakpoints, walk through running code, and watch variables and objects in real-time.

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