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Mail 2 538
Small component for sending emails.
Created by rafaelt88, 5 years ago.


Mail 0 300
Mailgun API PHP library and Yii extension
Created by baibaratsky, 5 years ago.


Mail 3 1097
Yii extension for sending or saving emails with templates and attachments.
Created by Bizley, 5 years ago, updated 3 years ago.


Mail 1 327
This project is a wrapper of PHP-DKIM library as a component for usage in conjunction with Yii framework.
Created by Van Damm, 8 years ago.


Mail 0 714
An extensions to integrate SendGrid in your Yii Application
Created by Giuliano, 7 years ago.


Validation 2 1041
Validate character delimited email strings and return all errors.
Created by DarkNSF, 9 years ago.


Mail 11 2208
SMTP interaction class that avoids using mail()
Created by mrkmg, 7 years ago.


Mail 0 1147
An simple mail component
Created by xiaokai, 7 years ago.


Others 2 0
YiiSES -The easiest way to provide bulk email services in your applications.
Created by Antonio Ramirez, 7 years ago.


Mail 1 1880
Email system with templates and email queuing.
Created by cornernote, 6 years ago, updated 5 years ago.


Mail 42 3148
Sitebased mailbox. Send messages between users/admins etc.
Created by Derek++, 8 years ago.


Mail 14 1542
EIMap - Easy access to your imap inbox
Created by Antonio Ramirez, 7 years ago.