kemail SMTP interaction class that avoids using mail()


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Yii Application Component to interact with smtp servers without relying on PHP's mail or PEAR's Mail. Simply a wrapper for


Download from here Easiest way
Download from github Not easy, unless you are familiar with git

To Install

  1. Copy KEmail into approot/protected/extenstions

  2. Under "import", add:


  3. Under "components", add:


     'host_name'=>'smtp_server',  //Hostname or IP of smtp server  


Basic Usage

  1. Single recipient

  2. Multiple recipients
    $to = array(

Full API Documentation on GITHUB


The following is an outline of all the avaible options, and their default options

host_name="localhost"           Host name of smtp server
host_port=25                    Port of smtp server
ssl=false                       Force SSL
http_proxy_host_name=''         Set to enable using an http proxy to access smtp server
http_proxy_host_port=3128       Port of http proxy
socks_host_name=''              Set to enable using a socks proxy
socks_host_port=1080            Port of socks proxy
socks_version='5'               Version of socks proxy
start_tls=false                 Force `start_tls`
localhost='localhost'           Given hostname of client
direct_delivery=false           Skip smtp server and delevier directly to recipients smtp
timeout=10                      Time in seconds to timeout for all smtp connections
data_timeout=0                  Time in seconds to timeout for data transfer to SMTP server, if 0 uses timeout
debug=false                     Output Debug information to browser
html_debug=true                 Format Debug information as html
pop3_auth_host=''               Set to authenticate to a pop3 server
user=""                         Username for smtp authentication
realm=""                        Realm for smtp authentication
password=""                     Password for smtp authentication
workstation=""                  Workstation for smtp authentication
authentication_mechanism=""     Force a specific smtp authentication mechanism ('LOGIN','PLAIN','CRAM-MD5','NTLM')
enable_queue=false              Enabled the queue
autocreate_db_table=true        Check for and create if needed the queue table in the database
queue_table_name='kemail_queue' Name of the queue database table

Advanced Usage

You can also customize headers

For example, to send an HTML email, do the following

$headers = array(
    'MIME-Version: 1.0',
    'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'
Queue Support

In order to use the built in queue feature, you must have a database accessable via Yii::app()->db;

To Enable to queue, set the following options

    'host_name'=>'smtp_server',  //Hostname or IP of smtp server
    'enable_queue'=>true, //This enabled to queue

autocreate_db_table should be set to false once the table has been created.

To queue an email, do the following

$headers = array(
    'MIME-Version: 1.0',
    'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'
$priority = 2; //INT between 0 and 9. Higher the number, the sooner it will be sent.

Then, maybe via a cron script or by random chance,

Yii::app()->email->processQueue(5); //Process 5 emails out of the queue
Yii::app()->email->processQueue(8,true) //Process 8 emails from the queue, and ignore priorities

TODO/Upcoming Features

  • Improve mail queue
    • Allow for use of a variety of storage methods, flatfile, sqlite.
    • Implement yiic access to process mail queue
    • Ability to get total number of items in queue
  • Error detection and reporting
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Mail
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Developed by: mrkmg
Created on: Jun 5, 2012
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