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Combines all js files and css files and puts js files on the HTML bottom
Created by mintao, 12 years ago.


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Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS, &Yii
Created by morcen, 11 years ago.


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CDropDownMenu is a extension to CMenu that allows Drop-Downs via superfish
Created by thyseus, 13 years ago, updated 11 years ago.


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Compresses several CSS or JS in a single file (compressed) to minimize number of requests and maximize performance
Created by adsmail27, 11 years ago.


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Faster page loading by combining and compressing JS / CSS files
Created by Maxximus, 14 years ago, updated 11 years ago.


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css dropdown menu
Created by arash, 11 years ago.


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A CSS only menu which behaves like CMenu or MbMenu compatible with iOS
Created by mrkmg, 11 years ago.


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parsing LESS and SCSS files on the fly in Yii apps
Created by nlac, 11 years ago.


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Minify and merge your CSS and JavaScript seamlessly via this ClientScript extension
Created by ksangers, 11 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


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An extension to CClientscript so it parses Less CSS when using registerCSSFile
Created by Zephyr, 10 years ago.


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JLess is a extension to easily manage less files in Yii applications
Created by n3okill, 10 years ago.


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Create Gradient Bakcground
Created by Ahyo Haryanto, 10 years ago.