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User Interface 5 0
jQuery based Widgets for Yii Framework
Created by bluyell, 8 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


User Interface 0 160
This plugin allows you to use combogrid in your yii application
Created by candyman, 4 years ago.


User Interface 2 607
creates a dialog box for forms using CJuiDialog for any controller
Created by Rehan Anis, 5 years ago.


User Interface 0 205
Insertion of a single model that is repeated in a form
Created by rafaelt88, 5 years ago.


User Interface 4 1038
Ajax tree (Moco Tree)
Created by sysprog, 8 years ago.


User Interface 13 281
Yii 1.1 dropdown widget with AJAX data
Created by Bizley, 5 years ago, updated 3 years ago.


User Interface 0 491
The selector is the tool if you need to select anything
Created by sysprog, 8 years ago.


Web Service 3 0
JApi, short for JSON API, is an action handler for Yii.
Created by mrkmg, 8 years ago.


Web Service 11 2569
This widget reads a a specified rss feed and displays feed entries in a view.
Created by Richard Walker, 8 years ago.


User Interface 0 225
Provides simple opportunity for replacing model field values with editable textareas
Created by hastenax, 6 years ago.


User Interface 31 2008
single and multiple file uploader using ajax jquery, drag & drop featured.
Created by bluyell, 7 years ago.


User Interface 2 966
The dialog with the ajax loading content
Created by sysprog, 8 years ago.