The Yii community has developed a great amount of extensions that provide a lot of useful functionality.

  • The extensions you find here are user contributed extensions.
  • There is also a set of extensions maintained by the Yii team, we call these official extensions.
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Logging 0 127
A Yii 2 log target for AWS Cloudwatch Logs
Created by codemonauts, 12 days ago.


Others 0 128
postman export excel
Created by ptr.nov, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 133
AssetBundle for jQuery Counter-Up Plugin https://github.com/NawaraGFX/Counter-Up
Created by José lópez Chávez, 7 months ago.


User Interface 0 139
IconizedMenu automatically adds favicons in front of menu links
Created by samdark, 11 months ago.


User Interface 0 146
Widget for displaying Google AdSense banners
Created by djiwie, 2 years ago.


Others 0 149
Widget to create custom polls for Yii 2.0 framework
Created by David J Eddy, 11 months ago.


Web Service 0 151
PHP library for uploading files to your server or Amazon S3
Created by vlaim, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 158
Yii2 Extension for Free Bootstrap Admin Template by Tim Creative. More details at https://www.creative-tim.com/product/light-boo
Created by Stefano Mtangoo, 11 months ago.


Others 0 160
Widget to create custom polls
Created by Dzhus, 4 years ago.


User Interface 0 162
Lightweight accordion widget
Created by Sjaakp, 4 years ago.


File System 0 163
Yii2 filesystem Qiniu
Created by kriss, 11 months ago.


Mail 0 164
A widget that displays a mailchimp subscription form
Created by oligalma, 2 years ago, updated 6 months ago.