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Yii widget for Noty jQuery notification plugin
Created by Mohammed Shifrin, 4 years ago.


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jquery visualize is a extension for YII framework to draw charts for presentation , using FILAMENT GROUP script & jQuery
Created by omeraslam, 5 years ago.


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Insertion of a single model that is repeated in a form
Created by rafaelt88, 4 years ago.


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A spinner input form field
Created by Spyros, 10 years ago.


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Super-easy-to-use and professional yii administration module
Created by oligalma, 4 years ago, updated a year ago.


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A wrapper for the jquery file tree plugin
Created by Spyros, 10 years ago.


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Funnel Chart
Created by Ahyo Haryanto, 7 years ago.


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Horizontal Pipeline Chart
Created by Ahyo Haryanto, 7 years ago.


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EActiveTabView allow us to keep track of the actual selected tab inside a form...
Created by PoL, 10 years ago.


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Form errors widget with jgrowl jquery plugin
Created by claymore, 10 years ago.


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This plugin allows you to use combogrid in your yii application
Created by candyman, 4 years ago.


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A quick and simple image placeholder extension for Yii.
Created by imehesz, 8 years ago.