yus-ham/yii2-resend Yii 2 extension for [Resend](https://resend.com)

Yii 2 extension for Resend ΒΆ

You need this library? just install it through composer

composer require yus-ham/yii2-resend --prefer-dist -o

Also don't forget to configure

$config['components']['mailer'] = [
    'class' => 'yusham\resend\Mailer',
    'useFileTransport' => false,
    'viewPath' => '@app/mail',
    'transport' => [
        'apiKey' => '<YOUR_API_KEY>'

And you can then send an email as usually `php Yii::$app->mailer->compose('contact/html')


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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: Mail
Tags: mailer, resend
Developed by: Yusup Hambali
Created on: Jun 18, 2023
Last updated: (not set)
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