yrsstwitter Twitter timeline widget for Yii (1.1.6+) from RSS feed

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  6. Minscript integration
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This widget shows a Twitter timeline from RSS feed. It loads faster than Twitter widget for websites.


  • Twitter timeline from RSS feed (this improves loading time).
  • Integrates with minscript [2] in order to minify the CSS scripts.
  • Lightweight internationalization setup
  • Easy color config to fit in your Yii application
  • Timeline caching


  • Tested with Yii 1.1.6. Should work with Yii 1.1.2+
  • Tested with PHP 5.3+. Should work with PHP 5+


  • Place the yRssTwitter directory under protected/components/widgets


You can set up yRssTwitter widget with a configuration array. The allowed config variables are the following:

  • display
    Type: boolean
    Default value: true
    For development purposes. It defines whether or not run the widget

  • displayName
    Type: string
    Default value: Why Not Soluciones
    Name of your choice: eg. company name

  • twitterUser
    Type: string
    Default value: ynotsoluciones
    The twitter user from which the feed will be grabbed (do not preceed whith @)

  • twitterActions
    Type: array
    Default value: array('reply'=>'responder', 'favorite'=>'favorito')
    For internationalization purposes. Defines the text used for 'reply' and 'favorite'

  • tweetsToDisplay
    Type: integer
    Default value: 5
    Number of Tweets that the widget will show

  • locales
    Type: integer
    Default value: array("es_ES.UTF-8", "es_ES@euro", "es_ES", "esp")
    For internationalization purposes. Defines the locales used with LC_TIME in order to set the timestamp to your timezone.

  • timeNames
    Type: array
    Default value: array('segundo', 'minuto', 'hora', 'día', 'semana', 'mes', 'año', 'decada')
    For internationalization purposes. In this order: second, minute, hour, day, week, month and decade. This is used to show the time from the Tweet's post.

  • minscript
    Type: boolean
    Default value: true
    Defines if you are using minscript extension[1] or not. If true, the assets will always be published in the same directory (crc sum of the asset name). If minscript is set to false it will work with the assets common behavior.

  • twitterLogo
    Type: string
    Default value: dark
    Allowed values: dark, light
    Defines wich color scheme to use: dark (use with dark backgrounds) and light (use with light backgrounds).

  • color
    Type: string
    Allowed values: css compliant colors
    Default value: #361d27
    Color used for the header (background color of the twitter logo and border) and the footer.

  • linkColor
    Type: string
    Allowed values: css compliant colors
    Default value: #361d27
    Color used for the links of the widget

  • linkHoverColor
    Type: string
    Allowed values: css compliant colors
    Default value: #FF6319
    Color used for the hover selector for the links of the widget

  • cachetime Type: integer Default value: 2 Tweet caching time in hours


$config = array( 
                  'display' => true, 
                  'displayName' => 'Why Not Soluciones', 
                  'twitterUser' => 'ynotsoluciones', 
                  'twitterActions' => array(
                  'tweetsToDisplay' => 2, 
                  'locales' => array("en_EN.UTF-8", "en_EN"), 
                  'timeNames' => array(
                  'minscript' => true, 
                  'twitterLogo' => 'dark', 
                  'color' => 'black', 
                  'linkColor' => 'green', 
                  'linkHoverColor' => 'red',
                  'cachetime' => 2

    $this->widget('application.components.widgets.yRssTwitter.YRssTwitter', $config)  

Minscript integration

If you don't change names of files, just add the following line to the minscript config:


If you decide to change the name of the css, to find out the name of the asset directory, try the following:

$dir = sprintf('%x',crc32(NAME_OF_FILE.Yii::getVersion()) $result = 'asset/' . $dir . '/NAME_OF_FILE'

Twitter logos

All the logos used in this widget are property of Twitter and comply with the "Using the Twitter brand and trademarks" from Twitter web page [3]

At the time of this writing, these are the guidelines followed:


  • Use our official, unmodified Twitter bird to represent our brand.
  • Make sure the bird faces right.
  • Allow for at least 150% buffer space around the bird.


  • Use speech bubbles or words around the bird.
  • Rotate or change the direction of the bird.
  • Animate the bird.
  • Duplicate the bird.
  • Change the bird's color.
  • Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.

If you feel that we are not following the current guidelines, please, let us know and we'll fix it as soon as possible.


[1] [http://www.whynotsoluciones.com ](http://www.whynotsoluciones.com "http://www.whynotsoluciones.com")
[2] [Minscript Extension ](http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/minscript/ "Minscript extension")
[3] [http://twitter.com/logo](http://twitter.com/logo "http://twitter.com/logo")


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: Why Not Soluciones
Created on: Jul 26, 2012
Last updated: 7 years ago


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