yii2-routes-collector Provides tools for collecting, saving and manipulating routes of web applications.

  1. Installation
  2. Configuring
  3. Usage
  4. Tests
  5. Examples
  6. Resources


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

composer require --prefer-dist cetver/yii2-routes-collector

or add

"cetver/yii2-routes-collector": "^1.0"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


Run the migration command

./yii migrate --migrationPath=@cetver/RoutesCollector/migrations

Update the console application configuration file

'controllerMap' => [
    'routes' => 'cetver\RoutesCollector\commands\RoutesController',


Create web-applications configuration file in the following format:


return [
    [], // the configuration of the first web-app
    [], // the configuration of the second web-app

Run the collect command

./yii routes/collect <path-to-config-file>

If you need to display routes to the user, run the "routes/extract-message" command

./yii routes/extract-messages '{"messagePath":"@app/messages","languages":["en-US","ru-RU"]}' routes

The "routes/extract-message" command arguments:

  • The first argument is the "message/extract" command options in JSON format
  • The second argument is the first argument of the translator function

Now you can set aliases/translations by editing the files:

  • @app/messages/en-US/routes.php
  • @app/messages/ru-RU/routes.php


Run the following command

composer create-project --prefer-source cetver/yii2-routes-collector

Create virtual hosts (nginx example):

  • basic.cetver-yii2-routes-collector points to "tests/_data/apps/basic/web"
  • frontend.cetver-yii2-routes-collector points to "tests/_data/apps/advanced/backend/web"
  • backend.cetver-yii2-routes-collector points to "tests/_data/apps/advanced/frontend/web"

Change DB configuration here or run the following command

export DB=sqlite

Run the following commands

cd yii2-routes-collector
vendor/bin/codecept run unit,functional


After running the tests, open the links

If you follow the instructions correctly, you should see the pages as in the screenshots below



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Yii Version: 2.0
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Database
Developed by: c3tv3r
Created on: Jul 10, 2017
Last updated: 6 years ago

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