yii2-reportico The Reportico Yii2 module allows you run reports within your Yii2.0 app

  1. Requirements
  2. Usage

Reportico for Yii2 allows you design reports which can be embedded or linked to within your Yii2 web site all accessed through a dedicated Yii2 controller.

The module allows you to :-

  • embed reports into your web pages
  • create links to reports
  • create report projects against the default yii2 connection or against other databases defined in app/config/database.php
  • use Reportico's default styling, or let it adapt to your site's bootstrap look and feel
  • use the logged in user id as part of your report queries

Once installed you can take advantages of all the standard Reportico features such as :-

  • Groups
  • Charts ( Line, Bar, Area and Pie )
  • Database driven criteria selection
  • Assignments and expression using PHP
  • the ability to plugin custom code
  • Output in HTML, PDF and CSV
  • Styling options
  • Drilldown links
  • Links to URLS
  • Embedding Images
  • Output in Sortable/Searchable Grid Format
  • Ability to report by logged in user using the {FRAMEWORK_USER} tag .. and more ..


Yii 2.0


Download and find out how to use the module here :- http://www.reportico.org/yii2/web/index.php/site/index

Example code to embed report output

$reportico = \Yii::$app->getModule('reportico');
$engine = $reportico->getReporticoEngine();        // Fetches reportico engine
$engine->access_mode = "REPORTOUTPUT";             // Allows access to report output only
$engine->initial_execute_mode = "EXECUTE";         // Just executes specified report
$engine->initial_project = "northwind";            // Name of report project folder    
$engine->initial_report = "salestotals";           // Name of report to run
$engine->bootstrap_styles = "3";                   // Set to "3" for bootstrap v3, "2" for V2 or false for no bootstrap
$engine->force_reportico_mini_maintains = true;    // Often required
$engine->bootstrap_preloaded = true;               // true if you dont need Reportico to load its own bootstrap
$engine->clear_reportico_session = true;           // Normally required
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Yii Version: 2.0
License: GPL-2.0
Category: Database
Developed by: Reportico
Created on: Oct 6, 2014
Last updated: 9 years ago

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