yii2-jstree jsTree for Yii2 is a Extension to display an ActiveRecord Model with jsTree.

Extension für jsTree Plugin

  1. Installation
  2. Usage without Model (JSON only)
  3. Usage with Yii2 Model

jsTree for Yii2 is a Extension to display an ActiveRecord Model with jsTree.

  • load tree data with ajax and display tree
  • define icons for different tree items
  • context menu with update, rename and delete
  • move tree items by drag'n'drop


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist kasoft/yii2-jstree "@dev"

or add

"kasoft/yii2-jstree": "@dev"

to the require section of your composer.json file.

Usage without Model (JSON only)

The simple Version just displays the tree with a provided json url. You have to provide the json data by an url

$tree = new \kasoft\jstree\JsTree([
    'jsonUrl' => '/my_jsonurl/data/whatever',
<div id="jstree"></div>

Usage with Yii2 Model

If you want to use the Extension so Display the Tree from your Data, do Operations like move, create, delete, rename and open the form view by Click use this Version.

Before you start, check your Database or your Model! Do you have all required Fields?

Together with a Database (tested with MySQL) and a set of Fields to order and structure the tree are needed. The Tree is displayed in a DIV. The Extensions handels create, move, rename and delete for you. A click on a Tree Item will dipslay the form to edith data in another div.

See the Test Setup in the "demo" Folder!

Set up you Database with the needed fileds (can have different names) name Name or Titel to Display in in the tree (required) parent_id Id for nesting the tree (required) position For sorting the tree items (required) type Type of the Item, used for Icon and rights (optional)

Set up your Model with these Fields. Important: Only the name is allwoed to be a required Field! Otherwise the Contextmenue "New" will probably not work.

Add this to your Controller. All Items with (*) are required!

public function actionIndex() {
        $tree = new \kasoft\jstree\JsTree([
            'modelName'=>'backend\models\MY_MODEL_NAME',    // * Namespace of the Model
            'modelPropertyId' => 'id'                       // * primary Key
            'modelPropertyParentId' => 'parentId',          // * Parent ID for tree items
            'modelPropertyPosition' => 'position',          // *for sorting items
            'modelPropertyName' => 'name',                  // * Fieldname to show
            'modelFirstParentId' => NULL,                   // * ID for the Tree to start
            'modelPropertyType' => 'type',                  // Item type (for Icon and jsTree rights)
            'controllerId' => 'index',                      // Controler Actions which should handle everything
            'jstreeDiv' => '#jstree',                       // DIV where the Tree will be displayed
            'jstreeIcons' => false,                         // Show Icons or not
            'jstreePlugins' => ["contextmenu", "dnd",..],   // Plugins to be load
            'jstreeType' => [                               // jsTree Type Options
                "#" => [
                    "max_children" => -1,
                    "max_depth" => -1,
                    "valid_children" => -1, 
                    "icon" => "glyphicon glyphicon-th-list"
                "default" => [
                    "icon" => "glyphicon glyphicon-question-sign"
        if (isset($_REQUEST["easytree"])) {
        return $this->render('index');

Put this in the index view file. A Click on an Item will delegate the update action to the result field. Also the form should have a class named "jstree-form" to delegate the result of the form submit to the div.

<div id="jstree"></div>
<div class="result"></div>
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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: User Interface
Tags: jstree
Developed by: Kabinenkoffer
Created on: Jul 7, 2016
Last updated: 5 years ago

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