yii2-iframe-resizer Yii2 extension for javascript-based iFrame Resizer by David J. Bradshaw

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Yii2 extension for javascript-based iframe-resizer. It enables automatic resizing of height and width of both same and cross domain iFrames to fit their contained content, provided that you have control of pages both serving and hosting iFrames.




Add extension to your composer.json and update your dependencies as usual, e.g. by running composer update ~~~ [java] {

"require": {
    "nirvana-msu/yii2-iframe-resizer": "1.0.*@dev"

} ~~~

Sample Usage

Page Serving iFrame

You need to embed one of the library scripts into the iFrame. Extension provides two shortcuts for doing this, depending on your use-case.

  • If the rendered page itself is served as an iFrame content, simply register IFrameResizer widget in your view:
  • If you need to embed the script into existing iFrame HTML code generated elsewhere, there is a convinient shortcut you can use to inject the script before closing </body> tag:
$injectedHtml = IFrameResizer::embed($html);
Page Hosting iFrame

First, register IFrameResizerAsset bundle:


Finally, call the library to enable dynamic resizing. As described in the documentation, you can do this by either using native JavaScript: ~~~ [java] var iframes = iFrameResize( [{options}], [css selector] || [iframe] ); ~~~ or via jQuery: ~~~ [java] $('iframe').iFrameResize( [{options}] ); ~~~ Note that jQuery is not specified as a dependency for this extension, since you may choose to use native version instead. Therefore if you want to use jQuery, make sure it is registered in your view.


Extension is released under MIT license, same as underlying iFrame Resizer library.

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: User Interface
Developed by: Nirvana
Created on: Nov 10, 2015
Last updated: 8 years ago