yii2-forms Yii2 Forms: FormBuilder, Dynamic Forms FormRender EmailAutoresponder

You can create forms or generate only code html, json and embed in your app. Questionnaire, Contact form and much more. Data from forms can be saved in a database SQL

FormBuilder (jQuery)
FormRender (PHP Yii2 or jQuery)
EmailAutoReponder (form may have a field named email)
Drag and drop items
Create, rename, drop tables SQL

You can use pceuropa/yii-forms like module or as widgets (::Formbuilder, ::Form)

Installation ΒΆ

composer require pceuropa/yii2-forms dev-master

Create database (if you need storage data)

php yii migrate/up --migrationPath=@vendor/pceuropa/yii2-forms/migrations

Configuration as Modul(pre-version) (. Add the following code to config file Yii2 ~~~ 'modules' => [

	'formbuilder' => [
	        'class' => '\pceuropa\forms\Module',


 * [Project page](https://pceuropa.net/yii2-extensions/yii2-forms/manual)
 * [Try out a demo](https://pceuropa.net/yii2-extensions/yii2-forms/create)

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: Web Service
Developed by: pceuropa
Created on: Mar 10, 2017
Last updated: a year ago

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