yii2-abtest A smple A/B Test extension for Yii2

  1. Installing
  2. Adding it to your configuration
  3. Using it

A simple extension for writing A/B Tests in Yii2.

This extension does not include the hooks for various programs, but does allow you to list() so you can quickly add it to your analytics code.


Simply include it from composer:

php ./composer.phar require sammaye/yii2-abtest:"@stable"

Adding it to your configuration

Easiest thing is to just show an example of my configuration:

'test' => [
	'class' => 'sammaye\abtest\Test',
	'filter' => [
		'rules' => [
				'allow' => false,
				'roles' => ['staff']
	'tests' => [
			'name' => 'Beta Search',
			'values' => ['old', 'new'],
			'default' => 'new'

The configuration breaks down into two parameters:- filter and tests.

Only tests is required.

filter allows you to use the AccessControl like you would on any controller and provide a set of rules whereby the tests should not take effect.

When an 'allow' => false filter is matched the test will return the default parameter from the test you are looking at and will not not record it in $_SESSION.

This way, when you come to list() at the end of the page to push onwards for analytics, these tests will not appear in that list.

Using it

Once it is fully configured you can just use it to detect which path a user takes:

Yii::$app->test->value('Beta Search')

This function will return either old or new depending on whether I am a staff member or lady random chooses me.

In order to add it to your analytics code you need to list all active tests and their values:


This will then print out a list of (for me):

    'Old Search' => 'new'

So, the key is name of the test and the value is the selected variant of the test.

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Logging
Tags: abtest
Developed by: Sammaye
Created on: Nov 3, 2016
Last updated: 7 years ago