yii-newrelic Yii wrapper around the New Relic PHP API, for Application Performance Management


  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Features
  5. Usage
  6. Known issues and other comments
  7. Code
  8. License

Yii wrapper around the New Relic PHP API.


yii-newrelic is a wrapper around the New Relic PHP API. New Relic is a SaaS company that provides a native PHP extension to interface with their application performance tracking and metrics engine. With New Relic, and this extension, you will have access to detailed performance metrics for your Yii application, as well as the server(s) on which your application is running.

Automatic tracking of module/controller/action ID's is supported. Automatic injection of timing header and footer also supported.


  • PHP 5.2+
  • New Relic for PHP
  • One of the following OS's:
    • Linux 2.6+, glibc 2.5+ with NPTL support
    • OpenSolaris 10
    • FreeBSD 7.3+
    • MacOS/X 10.5+
  • Apache 2.2 or 2.4 via mod_php
  • Intel CPU


1) Install the New Relic PHP driver on your web server per New Relic For PHP instructions.

2) Place this extension in /protected/extensions/yii-newrelic/.

3) In main.php, add the following to 'components':

'newRelic' => array(
	'class' => 'ext.yii-newrelic.YiiNewRelic',
'clientScript' => array(
	'class' => 'ext.yii-newrelic.YiiNewRelicClientScript',

4) If you are using a script that subclasses CClientScript, instead of adding 'clientScript' to your 'components', you will instead need to orphan that extension's script and extend it from YiiNewClientScript instead. To do so, change extends CClientScript to extends YiiNewRelicClientScript, and then add a line before that class declaration that says:


5) In main.php, add the following to the top-level array:

'behaviors' => array(
	'onBeginRequest' => array(
		'class' => 'ext.yii-newrelic.behaviors.YiiNewRelicWebAppBehavior',

6) Create subclass of CWebApplication, e.g. NewRelicApplication.

7) In this new class, e.g. NewRelicApplication, add a method::

public function beforeControllerAction($controller, $action) {
	Yii::app()->newRelic->setTransactionName($controller->id, $action->id);
	return parent::beforeControllerAction($controller, $action);

8) To use your new subclassed CWebApplication, modify index.php similar to:

$app = new NewRelicApplication($config);

9) In console.php, add the following to 'components':

'newRelic' => array(
	'class' => 'ext.yii-newrelic.YiiNewRelic',

10) In console.php, add the following to the top-level array:

'behaviors' => array(
	'onBeginRequest' => array(
		'class' => 'ext.yii-newrelic.behaviors.YiiNewRelicConsoleAppBehavior',
	'onEndRequest' => array(
		'class' => 'ext.yii-newrelic.behaviors.YiiNewRelicConsoleAppBehavior',


  • yii-newrelic automatically detects whether the New Relic PHP extension is properly installed.
  • Automatic association of Yii module/controller/action ID's.
  • Automatic injection of New Relic timing header/footer into your HTML layouts.
  • Console commands also supported.


  • TODO: Finish docs with use cases with YiiNewRelic API wrapper methods

Known issues and other comments

  • A future release will aim to avoid needing to call YiiNewRelic::nameTransaction() via CWebApplication subclass. This seems to be the only reliable mechanism for determining the actual controller/action in use. An attempt was made to use Yii::app()->getUrlManager()->parseUrl(Yii::app()->getRequest()) in YiiNewRelicWebAppBehavior, but this does not seem to produce consistent results.
  • Console apps currently only set the class name to YiiNewRelic::nameTransaction(). A future release will attempt to include the action as well.
  • Your contributions, as always, are greatly appreciated.


Get the code at GitHub. You may download directly using this Direct Download Link.


Modified BSD License https://github.com/gtcode/yii-newrelic

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: yiier
Created on: Oct 2, 2012
Last updated: 7 years ago

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