srbac A web interface for administration of rbac (CDbAuthManager)

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Srbac is a module that adds a graphic web interface for the administration of Yii rbac It uses the CDbAuthManager so it needs a database (MySQL and SQlite are tested) In this first alpha version you can do: Create, update and delete Auth items (roles, tasks, operations) Assign operations to tasks, tasks to roles and roles to users. After version 1.0.2 you can automatically create operations/task for you controllers' actions and use them without modifying your controllers' code just by extending SBaseController in your controllers. Also srbac supports nested modules and nested controllers (v1.1)



Download full srbac 1.2 guide in pdf format

srbac 1.1 guide

Download full srbac 1.0.3 guide in pdf format

srbac 1.0.3 guide

Change Log

July 27, 2011
srbac 1.3beta

Added autocomplete textbox for searching in users assignments

Bug Fixes
Fixed static function call (issue 76)
Fixed controllers in sub directory not working properly (issue 73)
Fixed clever assigning (issue 77)

Added Czezh translation
Remove access to srbac granted to all until Authority role is assigned.

srbac 1.2

Added $delimeter parameter to SrbacModule (default "-")
Added ReturnUrl feature for expired sessions

Bug Fixes
Fixed SQLite compatibility issue
Fixed multiple ajax submits
Fixed bug with auth item delete
Fixed bug caused by auto param binding in yii 1.1.4 and above
Fixed “/” delimeter between module and authitem name causing errors with some UrlManager configurations by adding a delimeter parameter to srbacModule
Fixed a bug with Helper not imported
Fixed clever assigning
Fixed bug with actions contain the string "action"

Removed checkDefaultRoles function that does not exist anymore in CDbAuthManager

June 07, 2010
srbac 1.1.1

Added srbac.components.SDbAuthManager.php .You can set this as your AuthManager class in main.php configuration file if you want case insensitive access checking.

Bug fixes
Fixed bug when allowed.php did not return an array.

Added Lithuanian translation
Added Ukranian translation
Updated Spanish and Russian translation

May 04, 2010
srbac 1.1.1rc2

Detect actions that belong in controller's actions function (captchas etc)

April 24, 2010
srbac 1.1.1rc1

Added button to check for authItems not belonging to existing controller(due to controller deletion etc) then select which authItems to delete.
Show always allowed actions in users assignments
If checking db fails , check for lower-upper case issues and display a message
Added Hungarian translation
Show message when exception occurs during install
Bug Fixes
Fixed always allowed tab view being too short when there are not many controllers
Changed always allowed.Now the gui is always enabled and its' array is merged with the one defined by alwaysAllowed attribute (which can be a string, array or file)

March 21,2010

Bug fixes Fixed a compatibility issue with Yii 1.1.1

March 18,2010

always allow acces when srbac is in debug mode
Auth items are auto created only for controllers that extend SBaseController
Bug Fixes
Fixed IE bug when tab selection was not allowed in assign page
Fixed bug when layout is set to ‘main’
Change the character that indentifies a module in authItems from to /

If upgrading When upgrading to Version (r174) you should change in auth items the ‘
’ character that identifies the modules to ‘/’.

January 23,2010

Bug Fix
Removed attribute layout since there's already a layout attribute in CWebModule

January 19, 2010
srbac 1.1.0

•Addded alwaysAllowedPAth attribute.
•Added bredcrumbs (hard coded)

Bug Fixes
•Fix alwaysAllowed bug when using srbac as submodule (fixes issue 38)
•Fix AlwaysAllowedFile creation
•Fixed css publishing
•Fixed css for tabview

•Updated Spanish translation
•Added Portuguese translation

December 7, 2009
srbac 1.1 RC

•Support for table prefix.
•Autocreate scans in subdirectories of controller paths.
•GUI for editing the alwaysAllowed list.
•Added onUnauthorizedAccess protected method in SBaseController.
•alwaysAllowed attribute can also accept an alias to a file that returns an array.
•alwaysAllowed and userActions can now be an array or a coma delimeted string.
•Add clever assigning of operations to tasks.
•Add configuration checking of attributes userid, username, css, notAuthorizedView, layout, imagesPath, imagesPack before installation.

Bug Fixes
•Replaced deprecated function in php 5.3 ereg_replace and split with preg_replace and explode.
•Fixed scanning of modules when url formating is used
•All list boxes in assign tabview are sorted alphabetically.
•Fixed bug when using different databases for the main application and the AuthManager.
•Fixed bugs related to version checking and translations.
•Fixed process-working.gif to be a transparent gif.
•Fixed controller action scanning.
•Fixed using different db connections for CDbAuthManager and main application causes srbac to detect wrong auth database.

•Update all files for Yii 1.1 compatibility.
•Updated Greek translation.
•imagesPath attribute now accepts alias instead of url.
•Updated Spanish translation.

December 4, 2009

Bug Fixes
•Fixed installation bug.
•Fixed authitems order in assign tabviews

November 4, 2009
srbac 1.0.3

•Added imagesPack attribute.User can choose which pack of images to use for the srbac icons.
•Hovering over an authItem in authItems manager will show its description.
•If an action is in alwaysAllowed array will be ignored during the autocreation of authItems.
•Added srbac attribute imagesPath to set the path to the srbac icons (create, delete, admin etc).
•Custom srbac css can be placed not only in srbac/css directory but also in default application/css directory.
•Auto create checks if task exist and displays them or not in the create tasks list.
•Auto creating of modules controllers actions.

Bug Fixes:
•Added a default unauthorized view in case the user has not defined one.
•Fixed an IE bug in autocreation view(Thanks to 'idle sign').
•Access is now always denied to guests, except if the current page is in alwaysAllowed array.
•Fixed php short tags in views/AuthItem/userAssignments.php.
•srbac should work now in linux os.
•Changed dataGrid class to srbacDataGrid so it won't conflict with Yii dataGrid class.

•Added new icons and a control center top bar (Thanks to 'idle sign').
•Added new css styles and new ajax‐loader (thanks to 'idle sign').
•Added noia icons pack.
•Changed custom images path relative to webroot .
•Set default css to srbac.css.
•Changed allowedAccess() method in SBaseController to protected so it can be inherited.
•Updated spanish translation (Ricardo Obregon).

October 17, 2009
srbac 1.02.r13

Bug Fixes:
Fixed php short tags in views/AuthItem/userAssignments.php
srbac should work now in linux os
listBoxNumberOfLines attributes controls the number of lines in assign tabview listboxes

Updated spanish translation (Ricardo Obregon)

October 15, 2009
srbac 1.02.6

Bug Fixes:
Removed safe rule from authItem model
Changed view path to authitem instead of authItem due to case sensitivity errors in some operation systems.
Import SBaseController in modules init method.

October 13, 2009
srbac 1.02.5

When auto creating/deleting operations a check is performed to see if the items already exist.
Bug Fixes:
Udefined variable in assignments.php (Thanks to idle sign)
ShowAssignments ajax call (Thanks to idle sign)
Russian translation updated to v1.2 (Thanks to idle sign)

October 8, 2009
srbac 1.02.1

Bug fix
Fixed a bug that prevented installation of srbac

Srbac attribute alwaysAllowed, to define which operations are always allowed
Srbac attribute userActions to define which actions are assigned to using task by default
layout attribute accepts path alias now

October 6, 2009
srbac 1.02

Automatic creation of operations based on controllers' actions.
Also Creation of two tasks (using, administrating)
The operations are also assigned to these tasks based on the action's name (all operations assigned to administrating and you can choose which actions are assigned to using)
Mass delete of automatic created operations, tasks for each controller
Cannot revoke Authority role if there's no other user with that role
Custom not authorized page
srbac front page (just the links for authItems managing, assigning and user's assignments)
srbac isInstalled() method
Added an SBaseController that must be extended for the use of automatic created auth items.

September 30, 2009
srbac 1.01

Custom layout for srbac (layout must be in default application's layout folder)
Add ajax indicators.
Can call user assignments directly from your user's controller by

//$id is the user's id

Spanish translation (Ricardo Obregon)
Russian translation (idle sign)

September 20, 2009
srbac v1.00

Srbac can be installed as a child module too
Custom cssFile support
Bug fixes:
Fixed undefined variables (thanks to sebi, idle sign)
Fixed possible SQL-injections flaw (thanks to Anticon)
Fixed jquery requested twice (thanks to horizons)
Use Yii:app()->getRequest() instead of $_REQUEST (thanks to horizons)

August 17, 2009
srbac beta4

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug when when a not-Authorizer-user tries to access SRBAC (thanks to Anticon)
Fixed bug with deleting tables in wrong order (thanks to rabol)
Fixed bug with wrong column name resulting in errors while working with innoDB engine(thanks to sebi)

July 29, 2009
srbac beta3

View Roles / Tasks / Operations assigned to users at index.php?r=srbac/authItem/assignments

July 27, 2009
srbac beta2

1 Delete authItems
2 Ajax based web interface for administrating auth items at index.php?r=srbac/authItem/manage

July 23, 2009
srbac beta

Bug Fixes:
1 Fixed udefined variable errors
2 Fixed showing all items in the assigned and in the not assigned panels when accessing the assign page for the first time
3 Fixed errors when pressing '<<' or '>>' with a wrong selection of items
4 Wrong tab display after an assignment

1 You can select if demo data will be created in install
2 All assignments calls are made in ajax
3 You can set the name of the Authorizer authItem
4 You can update the names of the auth Items

July 6, 2009
alpha 2 release

Small bug fix (srbac attribute should be pageSize not pagesize)

July 5, 2009
Initial alpha release.
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Auth
Developed by: Spyros
Created on: Jul 5, 2009
Last updated: 12 years ago


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