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  1. How To Install?
  2. How To Use?

Yii2-openui5 is extension for Yii2 Framework. to easy intergrate with OpenUi5 asset.

How To Install?

via composer run php composer.phar require sky/yii2-openui5 "*"

or add in composer.json to require selection

"sky/yii2-openui5" : "*"

Next step (Why do this? I'm try using bower but not compatible with Yii2 Asset structure):

  • download Openui5 sdk or runtime
  • extract zip file
  • copy all files inside openui5-xxx-xxx folder to folder vendor/sky/yii2-openui5/src/assets/openui5

How To Use?

Basic Use

add the below code at view file `php use sky\openui5\OpenUiAsset;

OpenUiAsset::register($this); `

or add 'sky\openui5\OpenUiAsset' at property $depends in your application Asset class example: `php

public $depends = [

### Advanced Use
create new file MyAppAsset.php in app/assets folder
namespace app\assets;

class MyAppAsset extends \yii\web\AssetBundle
    public $sourcePath = '@app/assets/myapp';

create new file YourAppAsset.php at app/assets folder `php namespace app\assets;

class YourAppAsset extends \sky\openui5\OpenUiAsset {

// set your application asset depends
public $appAssets = [
    'myapp' => 'app\assets\MyAppAsset',

// set openui5 data options
public $jsOptions = [
    'data' => [
        'sap-ui-theme' => 'sap_belize',
        'sap-ui-libs' => 'sap.m'

} `

run at your view file `php use app\assets\YourAppAsset;

YourAppAsset::register($this); `

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