runactions Helper for running controller actions in background, cron and more.

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This extension is a helper class for running actions. It makes controller actions reusable within different contexts.


  • Run controller actions as background tasks
  • Configure cron jobs
  • 'Touch' urls at remote/local servers.
  • Run preconfigured batchjobs or php scripts
  • Use builtin Http client for simple GET and POST requests (since v1.1)
  • Interval filter for controller actions (since v1.1)


  • Developed with Yii 1.1.7

  • When using 'touchUrlExt' (see below) you have to install the extension ehttpclient


  1. Extract the files under .../protected/extensions.
  2. Import the component in the top of controller file, where you are using ERunActions:

class MyController extends CController {

This is only a quick overview of the usage. I don't list all configurable properties or methods here. Please take a look at the comments in the code of ERunActions.php

1. 'Touch' a url

Use this static methods to start processes at a remote or the own webserver. A request to the url will be sent, but not waiting for a response.


uses a simple built in httpclient (fsockopen).


uses the extension EHttpClient, if you need support for redirect, proxies, certificates ...


  • touchUrl only works with absolute urls
  • Since v1.1 touchUrl works with https too

2. Run a controller action

Similar to CController.forward but with the possibility to suppress output with logging output, skip filters and/or before-afterAction.


The 'route' is the route to the controller including the action. $params will be added as query params.

You can configure to ignore filters, before and afterAction of the controller, only log the output of the controller if $silent and $logOutput is set to true.

If both $ignoreFilters and $ignoreBeforeAfterAction are set to false, this will be the same as when using the method CController.forward.

3. Run a php script

This is a simple method that includes a script and extract the params as variable. The include file has to be located in runaction/config by default.


4. Run a controller action as a background task

Use this if you have implemented time-consuming controller actions and the user has not to wait until finished. For example:

  • importing data
  • sending newsletter mails or mails with large attachments
  • cleanup (db-) processes like flush ...
public function actionTimeConsumingProcess()
		if (ERunActions::runBackground())
		   //do all the stuff that should work in background
		   //mail->send() ....
			//this code will be executed immediately
			//echo 'Time-consuming process has been started'
			//user->setFlash ...render ... redirect,

5. Run preconfigured actions as batchjob

Run the config script 'cron.php' from runactions/config


The cron.php should return a batch config array(actiontype => configarray). There are 4 actiontypes (see methods from above) available

  • ERunActions::TYPE_ACTION
  • ERunActions::TYPE_SCRIPT
  • ERunActions::TYPE_TOUCH, ERunActions::TYPE_TOUCHEXT

For example:

return array(
   //execute ImportController actionRun ignoring filters and before- afterAction of the controller
    ERunActions::TYPE_ACTION  => array('route' => '/import/run'),
   //run the php file runaction/config/afterimport.php to do something with the imported data
    ERunActions::TYPE_SCRIPT  => array('script' => 'afterimport'),
   //inform another server that the process is finished
   ERunActions::TYPE_TOUCH => array('url'=>'');

You can override the configure the properties of the widget in the config of the action.

Run the config script 'runactions/config/myscript.php'

              'ignoreBeforeAfterAction' => true,
              'interval' => 3600,
              'allowedIps' => array(''),

Content of 'myscript.php'

return array(
    ERunActions::TYPE_ACTION  => array('route' => '/cache/flush'
                                       'ignoreBeforeAfterAction' => false,

6. Use the widget to expose a 'cron' controller action

Add the RunActionsController as 'cron' to the controllerMap in applications config/main.php

'controllerMap' => array(
   'cron' => 'ext.runactions.controllers.RunActionsController',

Now you can run the config script runactions/config/cron.php by calling


or another script by


or running in background so that a HTTP 200 OK will immediatly be returned


Configure the urls in your crontab by using 'wget'.

7. GET / POST requests

You can use the builtin Http client for simple requests:

echo ERunActions::httpGET('',array('type'=>1,'key'=>123));

Will get the content from the url ''

echo ERunActions::httpPOST('',array('name'=>'unknown'),null,array('type'=>1,'key'=>123));

Will POST the form variable name='unknown' to the url '

8. Interval filter

You can install the component 'ERunActionsIntervalFilter' (since v1.1) as a filter in a controller. See CController::filters()

public function filters()
   return array(
		        'ext.runactions.components.ERunActionsIntervalFilter + export, import',
		        'interval'=>15,  //seconds
                        'perClient'=>true, //default = false
                        //'httpErrorNo' => 403, (=default)
                        //'httpErrorMessage' => 'Forbidden',  (=default) 

This will ensure, that the controller actions 'export' and 'import' can only be executed once withing the time interval of 15 seconds per client (= IP-Address) If the action is called more than once, a CHttpException will be thrown.

Note: There maybe has to be stored a lot of data in the global storage if you set 'perClient' to true.

9. Notes

a) In a controller action executed by 'runAction', 'touchUrl' or a batch script you can use the static methods

  • ERunActions::isRunActionRequest()
  • ERunActions::isBatchMode()
  • ERunActions::isTouchActionRequest()

to switch behavior if the action is called in contexts above.

b) The widget catches all errors (even php errors) and uses Yii::log if an error occurs. So running cron jobs will not display internal errors.


  • v.1.1:
    • Modified and fixed bugs in ERunActionsHttpClient
    • Added support for https in ERunActionsHttpClient
    • New static methods httpGET,httpPOST
    • New interval filter ERunActionsIntervalFilter
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