prefixed-url-manager Enables fixed prefixes in URLs, if you need those for external routing or other reason when creating a module is too much.

Prefixed URL Routes for Yii 1.1

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This extension provides the ability to include fixed prefixes in URLs, in the case you need those for external routing (your infrastructure splits application servers based on sub-paths) or any other reason that creating a module would be too much trouble - since it makes little sense to have an application comprised of only one module and nothing else, right?

By default, it uses "path" URL format and hides the script. First, because that's usually the most common use case, so it makes more sense to change it when you're different; second, because that's how the extension was implemented - it was easier to create it with those options and I didn't yet had time to test and implement with other formats. If you feel the need of this class with other options, feel free to send a pull-request :D

Also, this was not tested with modules yet. The behaviour is unpredictable. :( You can test it and see if it works, or if you can adapt to make it work for you as well (and, again, send a PR after it!).

Installation and usage

You can find this extension on Packagist: igorsantos07/yii-prefixed-url.

Simply change your urlManager to use the given class and set a prefix. The other options you can see as usual in the URL Management guide and CUrlManager docs. Here's a sample:

'urlManager' => [
	'class'     => 'vendor.igorsantos07.yii-prefixed-url.PrefixedUrlManager',
	'urlPrefix' => 'admin/',
	'rules'     => require('_routes.php'),


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Networking
Developed by: igorsantos07
Created on: Jul 8, 2014
Last updated: 9 years ago


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