pcstarranking Provides an 'all-included' widget for star-ranking content.

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Yii extension (module) for 'star ranking' content on a Yii based webapp/site

Introduction & Features

  • This module provides a plug & play style component that is 'attachable' to probably any content on your Yii site that has a separate DB table for it (or multiple tables). Using it, your content can be ranked by users who have permission to rank content.
  • This module should support multiple rendered copies of it on the same page, for several rank-able content items (I didn't test it so far but designed it for this use case and highly likely that this works).
  • The module will automatically update the ranked record in its own DB table. This is useful for sorting records (e.g., "articles") based on their average rank.
  • Rate voting is allowed only once and once voted the UI becomes readonly (server side has its own decision making on this to prevent forging attempt from hampered client side).
  • All printed messages are translatable. Make sure to configure your i18n setup of Yii to have this in effect.

This module uses internally Yii's built in CStarRating to render the actual rating UI but this UI can be replaced with whatever you prefer.


  • I've built and tested this extension on the latest version of Yii at the time of writing, v1.1.10
  • This extension uses the base active record class provided by PcBaseArModel extension and thus depends on it. Please refer to the link given for documentation on that extension.
  • Using the included widget requires that every AR class that needs ranking to be set upon, to be 'imported' in main.php. This is so since during ranking this extension needs to load the referred class. If this referred class is in a module and the module is not fired during the AJAX call to rank a record, then a silent error will be triggered and logged. Edit your 'import' section in main.php config file to avoid this.
  • Since this extension updates the record being ranked, it requires some updates to the DB table and accordingly in the AR class. The following columns should be added to the DB table (MySQL syntax given):
    `average_rank` tinyint(2) DEFAULT NULL
  • Continuing previous item, add matching definitions into the relevant AR class. Example:
class MyClass extends PcBaseArModel {
* ...
* @property float $average_rank
* ...

  public function rules() {
    return array (
      array('average_rank', 'numerical', 'min' => 1, 'max' => 10),

  public function attributeLabels() {
    return array(
      'average_rank' => Yii::t("MyModule.forms", 'Average Rank'),
  • There are several more dependancies that are detailed in the section titled "Dependencies considerations" below. Among which are (in a nutshell):
    • This module depends on a table for users named users with a primary key column named id.
    • By default, the included widget depends on Yii's RBAC system to be working and expects a permission named "star rank content". This can be overriden however. It is covered in greater depth below... .
Dependencies considerations
  • This extension expects users table with id as its primary key. It is used to impose some constraints in the DB level and to link PK-FK between record votes in ranking_votes table to the actual users in the users table
  • Ranking and RankingVote classes both extend PcBaseArModel and not CActiveRecord (since we use its optimistic locking feature). Therefore, this extension depends on the PcBaseArModel extension.
  • The included widget supports min and max number of stars per model class. A default of 1 and 5, respectively, is defined in this widget. To define other values be sure to have two constant in the model class named STARRANK_MIN_RANK and STARRANK_MAX_RANK. Both should be defined or none.
  • The included widget supports descriptive text on each star in the widget, to be supplied by the model class. If this is desired, define a static method in the model class named getStarRankTitles(). This method should return an array with numerical keys and values that should be the titles for the stars. Make sure that the number of elements returned by this method is the same as your model class constant STARRANK_MAX_STARS... .
  • The widget implements an internal method for access control for determination if a certain user can star-rank or not. By default, it is set to check access using Yii's RBAC system, checking for permission to "star rank content". Update this method if you use some other access control method, like the simpler 'access control filter' method (see official documentation here)
  • This extension was not designed for voting by the guest user.
  • Despite my best intentions I couldn't get to control CStarRating UI options as I wanted/needed. I simply wasn't able to figure out (==overcome bugs, I guess) how the heck I can have my own number of stars, with certain 'ratingStepSize', custom 'titles' etc. I resorted to using CStarRating defaults, which is almost what I needed anyway in the project for which this extension was developed for. See more about such problems reported in this forum thread.


  • Unpack the contents of this extension and place it under /protected/modules/PcStarRank/ directory
  • In main.php config file:
// autoloading model and component classes
  'import' => array(
    // Star rank module
  'modules' => array(
    'starRank' => array(
      'class' => 'application.modules.PcStarRank.PcStarRankModule'
  • Install schema file located under /data directory. Note that its targeted at MySQL DB.
  • When a guest user tries to vote he gets an error message asking him to register first. The URL for registration is offered to him at this stage, and its taken from Yii::app()->params['registrationRoute'] so be sure to give a value to this parameter.


  • Configure Yii's main.php as noted above
  • Make sure the needed requirements have been met.
  • In the page where you need to have the the content to be rated, put the following code in the relevant view file that will render the needed UI widget:
$this->widget('PcStarRankWidget', array('modelId' => $model->id, 'modelClassName' => get_class($model)));

Developer notes

The following notes are meant for developers:

  • DB schema is ignorant to actual rating mechanism used. There are scores, min, max but there's no 'stars' mentioned anywhere. Feel free to change actual rating mechanism (typically some JS trickery). I don't have time at the moment to document the interface between the frontend and the backend parts of the widget/module.
  • The code itself is full of comments that document my decisions/contemplations/etc. I use them to track my thoughts/decisions later on. You're invited to read the code to learn more and see more. In short: "Use the force! - read the source!" :-)

Room for development

Further room for development, and its only notes I've quickly pulled out. Feel free to submit more...:

  • Damn, did I really left cache un-implemented? It appears so :-( . Time, I lack time... . Caching here is natural (but where isnt it?...).
  • Develop the cronjob mentioned in the 'TODOs' section.
  • Check even further possible security issues. For a start:
    • Not a big deal (IMHO): when the widget is rendered the content class name is given in the html so client side can know class names of models in our system.
    • Continuing last bullet, rogue users can try and mess with the system by submitting ranks for models that the developer didn't intend from the start to be rank-able, like "User" class. This is pretty harmful as indeed ranking_votes and rankings records will be created but still. Consider having some configuration parameter to the module (main.php) that lists all 'rankable' class names in an array. This requires manitaining but solves the problem just described.


  • Have some cronjob to clean dangling rankings. We cannot do this (easily at least) via a DB constraint since this table references multiple other, unknown and dynamic tables (via model_class column which is a string). Don't worry about ranking_votes - that one DOES have a constraint to delete records that are being deleted on rankings (and rankings to ranking_votes is one to many. There will always be a rankings record for a ranking_votes record).

Change Log

  • 19 June 2012: v1.0: Enabled updating of average rank in the table holding containing the record being ranked. This is useful for sorting of record based on their average rank. Be sure to read instructions above as there are updates to to the installation process that needs to be carried out.
  • 19 June 2012: v1.1: Fixed a bug where rank of 5 stars (=10 in CStarRating terms) was saved as 9.9 in the DB due to column type. Reverted column type to tinyint. If you want to upgrade to this version from v1.0 the only difference is the altering of the DB table. Issue the following:
    alter table rankings change `average_score` `average_score` tinyint(2) not null;
    alter table ranking_votes change `score_ranked` `score_ranked` tinyint(2) not null;
    /* !! and do the same for any rank-able table, for its 'average_rank' column!! */


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: Boaz
Created on: Jun 18, 2012
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