pcmaxmindgeoip Wrapper for MaxMind GeoLite City GeoIP package

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>Info: Due to file size limitations I cannot upload the package here. For download-ables check out the github project page.


This extension provides the Maxmind GeoLite City package to Yii users.


  • Latest Maxmind Geo City Lite is included. No need to install anything else aside from this Yii extension.
  • Information retrieved includes the following properties of an IP address (all, some or none - depending on the info found by Maxmind):
    • country_code
    • country_code3
    • country_name
    • region
    • city
    • postal_code
    • latitude
    • longitude
    • area_code
    • dma_code
    • metro_code
    • continent_code
  • Provides a modern method to determine the current remote IP address ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] is hardly the only check you'll need. Visit getRemoteIpAddress() method for more details).
  • Provides a method to determine if IP address is "publicly route-able", meaning not an internal network address or a reserved address (IPv6 supported).
  • Provides a method to tell if a given IP address is valid or not (IPv6 supported).
  • Easy procedure for future update of the binary DB file.


  • This extension uses PHP's Filter extension. Your PHP environment should include this extension. If you're using a PHP of version v5.2 or newer than Filter was built into PHP from that version on, so you're safe. To verify, run a simple phpinfo() on your server.
  • Tested on Yii v1.1.10, but should work with older versions.


  • Recommended usage as a 'Yii component'. Note that altough loaded as a component, only for Maxmind involving activity the Maxmind client and DB will be used (better for performance reasons).
  • To setup as a component, add the following code to your main.php config file:
'components' => array(
  'geoip' => array(
    'class' => 'ext.PcMaxmindGeoIp.PcMaxmindGeoIp',

You can use another binary DB file by supplying the following parameter to the configuration above (right below the 'class' element): 'dbFilename' => '[db filename]'. Be sure to use relative path only and put the actual file under extensions/PcMaxmindGeoIp/maxmind/ directory.


  • Typically, at some point in your code you'll do:
$ip = Yii::app()->geoip->getRemoteIpAddress();
$address_information = Yii::app()->geoip->getCityInfoForIp($ip);
// at this stage $address_information is an array with element keys as noted 
// in the "Features" section above, with values that fetched from Maxmind or false 
// if none found.
  • A few other auxiliary method are provided to complete the functionality:
    • getRemoteIpAddress(): Returns the valid IP address of the current user.
    • isPubliclyRoutableIpAddress(): Tells whether the given IP address is a 'public' IP and is routable, meaning not internal network ( or belonging to some reserved range.
    • isValidIpAddress(): Tells whether the given IP address is a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address.
    • convertDecimalToSexagesimal(): easy conversion of location address from decimal to sexagesimal notations.


Update of Maxmind DB
  • Maxmind provides monthly updates for their GeoLite City DB.
  • This update can be fetched automatically and efficiently using a cron job. See the wget example on this page


Change Log

  • v1.0 (14 Nov 2012): Adding convertDecimalToSexagesimal() for easy conversion of location address syntax from decimal to sexagesimal notation.
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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Developed by: Boaz
Created on: Jun 1, 2012
Last updated: 10 years ago

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