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Wireless Cross-Component Communication

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Quick Install
composer require maslosoft/signals

Full Signals Documentation

Connecting components

Various application components must be connected to each other. This should be made in a soft manner, so that when adding or removing component code will not require to change.

Wireless connection

Signals provide somthing like wireless connection between components. On of them emit signal, the other receives it. This can be done other way around. That one application component sends signal, and several components listen to that signal.

Wireless cross-component communication

This component allows for interaction of application components, without prior or explicit assignment.


Use composer to install

composer require maslosoft/signals:"*"

Or by hard way, download somewhere in your project and ensure autoloading works for Maslosoft\Signals\* and you include dep too;

Setup signals. After calling init any further instance will be configured same as below $signal.

$signal = new Maslosoft\Signals\Signal();
$signal->runtimePath = RUNTIME_PATH;
$signal->paths = [

Generate signals definition, only once, hook it to your build script etc.

$signal = new Maslosoft\Signals\Signal();
(new Maslosoft\Signals\Utility($signal))->generate();


Emiting signal

Define signal:

namespace MyNamespace\Signals;

class AccountMenuItems extends AdminMenuItems
	public $item = [];

Define class with slot with @SlotFor annotation

namespace Maslosoft\Ilmatar\Modules;

class MyModule
	 * @SlotFor(MyNamespace\Signals\AccountMenuItems)
	public function reactOnAccountMenu(MyNamespace\Signals\AccountMenuItems $signal)
		$signal->item = [
			'url' => '/content/myBlog',
			'label' => 'My blog'

Emit signal and get results of this call:

$signal = new Maslosoft\Signals\Signal();
$result = $signal->emit(new AdminMenuItems());

echo $result[0]->item[0]['label']; // My blog
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