jamboree an html layout builder. create html using pure php code. like GWT (google web toolkit).

Por: Christian Salazar

Jamboree Panels

An Html Layout Builder for Yii Framework, based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

Official Website:


See Examples and Show cases:


I'm very glad to introduce this concept when building html for Yii Framework based applications, inspired in GWT (Google Web Toolkit), a nice designer for Java Applications based on not writing pure html, instead write it using classes.




Using Jamboree

I will come to the point:

Please consider the required HTML layout:

required layout for your app

Without using Jamboree you must create HTML and CSS well formed to be consistent for current navigators (ie, opera, chrome, firefox etc),

Now using Jamboree (JamHorzPanel, JamVertPanel and JamElement) you can build it easily, in this way, using PHP classes:

$mainpanel = new JamVertPanel();
$mainpanel->addHtmlOption('style','width: 500px;');

$title  = new JamElement("h1","My Title");
$panel1 = new JamHorzPanel();
$panel2 = new JamHorzPanel();


$lpanel = new JamVertPanel();
$panel1->add('large text here');

$lpanel->add(new JamImage('images/sample1.png'));
$lpanel->add(CHtml::textArea('text at left built using CHtml','demo text'));

// styles applied to child elements when calling the 'add' method.
  'style'=>'border: 3px solid gray; width: 150px; height: 100px; text-align: center; margin: 3px;'));
$panel2->add(new JamElement("b","bold text"));
$panel2->add("simple raw text");

// calling 'render' without any argument will echo the result, 
// in order to return the output please use $mainpanel->render(false);

it will output:

layout designed using Jamboree

Install Jamboree

Please copy the entire package into your protected/extensions directory:


now in your config/main.php file, put the extension visible:


next, in any view, were html is required you can: ~~~ $main = new JamVertPanel(); $main->add(new JamElement("H1","My Title")); $t1 = $main->add("simple text"); $nestedPanel = $main->add(new JamHorzPanel()); $nestedPanel->add("col 1"); $nestedPanel->add("col 2"); $t1->addHtmlOption("style","border: 1px solid red; cursor: pointer;"); $t1->setBgColor("gray"); $main->render();
// please checkout more complex examples at wiki in this site. ~~~

Enjoy it, please feel free to colaborate in this repository.

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: bluyell
Created on: Dec 27, 2012
Last updated: 10 years ago


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