ezzeelfinder An extension used to integrate ElFinder file manager.

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This extension allows you to integrate ElFinder file manager into your Yii web site's pages. Comparing with elfinder-widget extension this one is implemented with an attempt to provide a more flexible way to configure both ElFinder's client and connector and to link the manager with WYSIWYG editor (only CKEditor is supported at the moment). The extension also relies on the latest release of ElFinder 2.0-rc1 (10th of April, 2012).


The extension was written and tested with Yii 1.1.10 but it's up to you to try this one with the earlier version of the framework. Other requirements are all relative to ElFinder and depend on which features you need to support. For instance, one may wish to use PHP's FileInfo extension to check MIME-types of uploaded files.


Since version 0.0.2:

  • it's possible to specify such client options as functions using js: prefix in PHP code. Please refer to clientOptions parameter's description for details.

Since version 0.0.3:

  • multiple ElFinder instances' initialization bug has been fixed.

Since version 0.0.4:

Since version 0.0.5:

  • overwriting existing files on upload bug has been fixed, thanks to quim3ra.


Extract an archive with the extension to directory of your web application's extensions. By default it's protected/extensions. As the result a new subdirectory named ezzeelfinder will appear in your extension's directory.


In order to use the extension one have to do the following simple steps:

1). Create an action of a controller that will render a page with ElFinder. Let's suppose that controller class' name is AdminController, action function's name is actionFileUploader and action view's file is views/fileUploader.php.

2). Implement actions method in AdminController as follows:

public function actions()
    return array(
        'fileUploaderConnector' => "ext.ezzeelfinder.ElFinderConnectorAction",

where fileUploaderConnector is a name of action to refer to ElFinder's connector PHP script. Doing it the such way allows to restrict an access to ElFinder using controller's accessRules().

3). Insert a call of extension's widget in view file fileUploader.php. As an example, it may look like that:

<div id="file-uploader"></div>


$filesPath = realpath(Yii::app()->basePath . "/../upload");
$filesUrl = Yii::app()->baseUrl . "/upload";

$this->widget("ext.ezzeelfinder.ElFinderWidget", array(
    'selector' => "div#file-uploader",
    'clientOptions' => array(
        'lang' => "ru",
        'resizable' => false,
        'wysiwyg' => "ckeditor"
    'connectorRoute' => "admin/fileUploaderConnector",
    'connectorOptions' => array(
        'roots' => array(
                'driver'  => "LocalFileSystem",
                'path' => $filesPath,
                'URL' => $filesUrl,
                'tmbPath' => $filesPath . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . ".thumbs",
                'mimeDetect' => "internal",
                'accessControl' => "access"


There are four possible parameters that can be passed to the widget:

selector - jQuery selector used to point to container element ElFinder must be appended to. This parameter is optional and defaults to `#elfinder`;

clientOptions - an array of ElFinder's client configuration options described here. Please note, there is also wysiwyg possible option that is not supported by ElFinder but is used to let the extension know if ElFinder is to be linked with some WYSIWYG editor by setting getFileCallback function. Since version 0.0.2 of the extension it's also possible to specify client's functions and handlers using js: prefix in the following manner:

'clientOptions' => array(
    'getFileCallback' => "js: function(file) {
                              alert('Selected file is \"' + file + '\".')
    'handlers' => array(
        'init' => "js: function(event, elFinder) {
                       alert('ElFinder has been initialized.')
        'open' => "js: function(event, elFinder) {
                       var path = event.data.options.path;
                       alert('Directory \"' + path + '\" is open.')

Please note that if both wysiwyg and getFileCallback are specified then a behavior of the former will be overriden by the latter.

connectorRoute - Yii route to ElFinder's connector action (admin/fileUploaderConnector).

connectorOptions - an array of ElFinder's connector configuration options as described here. In the case of LocalFileSystem driver options path and URL of the roots are required to point to files' storage within file system and outside. By default connectorOptions parameter is equal to

    'roots' => array(
            'driver'  => "LocalFileSystem",
            'path' => realpath(Yii::app()->basePath . "/../files"),
            'URL' => "/files",
            'accessControl' => "access"

meaning that files' storage directory is files and located in the document root (supposing that Yii's application directory is also in the document root).

connectorOptions are restricted by query string's length 'cause they are passed to ElFinder's connector action as serialized GET-parameter.

Some people using elfinder-widget faced the problem of PHP FileInfo extension requirement. But not all servers' configurations support it. The problem can be solved by setting ElFinder's connector option mimeDetect to internal (as shown in code snippet above) forcing ElFinder to check uploaded files by their extensions only.

Additional Notes

1). I recommend ckeditor-integration extension to use ElFinder with CKEditor. In order to locate ElFinder from CKEditor extension use filebrowserBrowseUrl like this:

$this->widget('ext.ckeditor.CKEditorWidget', array(
    'model' => $model,
    'attribute' => "body",
    'defaultValue' => $model->body,
    'config' => array(
        'height' => "400px",
        'width' => "100%",
        'language' => "ru",
        'filebrowserBrowseUrl' => $this->createUrl("admin/fileUploader")

2). ElFinder core files are included in this extension so there is no need to download ElFinder. But one may wish to update these files by replacing assets/css, assets/img, assets/js and php directories of the extension with corresponding directories of ElFinder's latter release.




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