exocet/yii2-upload-file-behavior A Yii2 behavior designed to simplify the process of uploading and managing files and images associated with ActiveRecord models.

UploadFileBehavior for Yii2

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  3. Setup and Configuration
  4. Contribution

UploadFileBehavior is a Yii2 behavior designed to streamline the process of uploading files and/or images. It manages the processing and storage of files associated with an ActiveRecord model.


  • File uploading for ActiveRecord models.
  • Customizable file saving steps.
  • Thumbnail generation.
  • Option to rename uploaded files.
  • Ability to delete files when associated records are deleted.
  • Automatic cleanup of directories during updates.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

composer require "exocet/yii2-upload-file-behavior"

Setup and Configuration

  1. Include new behavior: `php use exocet\yii2UploadFileBehavior\UploadFileBehavior; `

  2. Add the upload file attribute to your model: `php public $upload_file; `

  3. Add safety rules for your image path or similar: `php [['image_path'], 'safe'], `

  4. Attach the behavior to your model: `php public function behaviors() {

     return [
         'uploadFileBehavior' => [
             'class' => UploadFileBehavior::className(),
             'nameOfAttributeStorage' => 'image_path',
             //... other configurations

    } `

Configuration Options

Here's a quick run-through of the configuration options:

  • modelAttributeForFile: (string) The model's attribute to receive the file from the form. Defaults to 'upload_file'.

  • modelAttributeForStorage: (string) The model's attribute to store the file path or reference. Defaults to 'images'.

  • newFileName: (bool|string) A new filename to save the uploaded file as. Defaults to false (meaning it won't rename).

  • steps: (array) Configurations detailing where and how to save the uploaded file. This can include thumbnail generation, different save paths, etc.

  • thumbnailPrefix: (string) Prefix for generated thumbnails. Defaults to 'thumb-'.

  • originalPrefix: (string) Prefix to use when saving a copy of the original image. Defaults to 'original-'.

  • scenarios: (array) Scenarios under which this behavior will be triggered. Defaults to ['default'].

  • deleteImageWithRecord: (bool) Whether or not to delete the file when the associated record is deleted. Defaults to false.

  • cleanDirWithUpdate: (bool) Whether or not to clean the upload directory when updating files. Defaults to false.

For more in-depth examples and how to set up the steps configuration, refer to the example given in the code comments.


Feel free to contribute to this project by opening issues, pull requests, or providing feedback. Your contributions are welcome!

Designed with :heart: for Yii2 developers.

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Yii Version: 2.0
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Created on: Sep 20, 2023
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