ejuitimepicker This extension is a wrapper for Timepicker addon which adds time controls to jQuery UI Datepicker.


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  3. Using extension
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EJuiTimePicker is an axtension for Yii framework. This extension is a wrapper for Timepicker addon which adds a timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker.

This extension is based on CJuiDateTimePicker extension, hovewer it has different widget call (prefix of 'C' might get confusing in the future) and few other tricks up its sleeve.


  • Yii 1.1 or above (tested on 1.1.8)
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI (datepicker and slider components)


Move EJuiTimePicker folder in your applications extensions folder (default: protected/extensions).

Using extension

Just place the following code inside your view file:

<?php $this->widget( 'ext.EJuiTimePicker.EJuiTimePicker', array(
  'model' => $model, // Your model
  'attribute' => 'end_date', // Attribute for input
)); ?>

You can also change some default settings (more on this later).

Widget Factory

To make your life easier, you can configure widgetFactory component with some default options (all the options can be set for widget which will overwrite widgetFactory option). Change your main.php config file to look similarly to this:

'components' => array(
  'widgetFactory' => array(
    'widgets' => array(
      'EJuiTimePicker' => array(
        'options' => array(
          'dateFormat' => 'yy-mm-dd',
          'showOn' => 'both',
          'buttonText' => 'Open calendar',
          // Any other option from http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/
          // Or http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/
        'timeOptions' => array(
          'showOn' => 'focus',
        'htmlOptions' => array(
          'autocomplete' => 'off',
          'size' => 10,
          'maxlength' => 10,
        'timeHtmlOptions' => array(
          'size' => 5,
          'maxlength' => 5,
        'language' => 'lt',
        'mode' => 'date',
  • options sets the options for jquery addon. All available options can be found on jQuery Datepicker and Timepicker addon pages.
  • timeOptions is an array with options which will be overwrited when using only timepicker (for example you want to replace icon from calendar to a clock).
  • htmlOptions is an array with html options for input.
  • timeHtmlOptions is an array with html options for input which will be overwriten when using only timepicker (for example you want to make it smaller so only hour and minutes can be inputed).
  • language localization string. This will try to add localization file if it is found (localization files are provided by addon, you can make your own).
  • mode this is a mode of the extension. Allowed options: date (will add only date picker), time (will add only time picker), datetime (will add both. This is default value).



  • For your convenience extension contains Timepicker addon. Hovewer to make sure you have the newest addon you should download it from Timepicker addon Git repository
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