egeoip EGeoIp Extension uses geoPlugin free webservice to locate IP geo information

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This extension allows you to easily integrate the geoPlugin webservice into your Yii applications.

To download and/or contribute to the extension, please use the github repository.

What is geoPlugin?

geoPlugin offers you, the webmaster, the ability to easily geo-localize your visitor down to the city they are in, know what currency they use and the up-to-date currency exchange rate of their currency versus yours.


Developed with Yii 1.1.6


Unpack the contents of the extension to your protected/extensions directory. Once you do that, the following is an example on how to use it:


$geoIp = new EGeoIP();

$geoIp->locate(''); // use your IP

echo 'Information regarding IP: <b>'.$geoIp->ip.'</b><br/>';
echo 'City: '.$geoIp->city.'<br>';
echo 'Region: '.$geoIp->region.'<br>';
echo 'Area Code: '.$geoIp->areaCode.'<br>';
echo 'DMA: '.$geoIp->dma.'<br>';
echo 'Country Code: '.$geoIp->countryCode.'<br>';
echo 'Country Name: '.$geoIp->countryName.'<br>';
echo 'Continent Code: '.$geoIp->continentCode.'<br>';
echo 'Latitude: '.$geoIp->latitude.'<br>';
echo 'Longitude: '.$geoIp->longitude.'<br>';
echo 'Currency Symbol: '.$geoIp->currencySymbol.'<br>';
echo 'Currency Code: '.$geoIp->currencyCode.'<br>';
echo 'Currency Converter: '.$geoIp->currencyConverter.'<br/>';

echo 'Converting $10.00 to '.$geoIp->currencyCode.': <b>'.$geoIp->currencyConvert(10).'</b><br/>';


Please make use of the forum post to report errors, requests, and suggestions. Let comments on this extension for coding hints.


Change Log

version 1.0

  • Initial Public Release
16 1
1 688 downloads
Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Web Service
Developed by: Antonio Ramirez
Created on: Feb 21, 2011
Last updated: 6 years ago


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