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EDateRangePicker is a very simple widget that encapsulates the amazing Date Range Picker plugin developed by Filament Group.

The plugin worked with jquery.ui.v1.6 and jquery.v1.5.3 so I updated the plugin to work with latests versions of jquery.ui.v1.8 and jquery.v1.6 and also fixed some bugs on its logic to work with Yii.

So, remember that it is a modified version of the plugin and any feedback on its bugs will be highly appreciated.

![EDateRangePicker](http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/edaterangepicker/files/DateRangePicker.png "EDateRangePicker") I have created a GitHub repository for those willing to contribute on any of the extensions I created. Please, check the link at the bottom of this wiki.


The following code assumes that you have unzipped and extract the contents on your extensions folder.



Change Log

version 1.0.1
  • Initial Public Release
version 1.0.2
  • Fixed inclusion path (thanks jpablo78)
version 1.0.3
  • Enhanced the plugin to work with multiple instances (thanks jpablo78)
version 1.0.4
  • Enhanced the plugin with internationalization. Note that custom menu options require direct modification of the plugin javascript file (see its code).
version 1.0.5
  • Enhanced the plugin with collision detection (top/bottom/left)
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2 995 downloads
Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: Antonio Ramirez
Created on: Oct 24, 2011
Last updated: 12 years ago


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