cimagemodifier Implements class.upload image manipulation class into Yii framework.

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Implements class.upload into Yii framework.

Class.Upload written by Colin VEROT (

This PHP script uploads and manipulates images very easily. The perfect script to generate thumbnails or create a photo gallery! It can convert, resize and work on uploaded images in many ways, apply effects, add labels, watermarks and reflections and other image editing features. You can use it for files uploaded through an HTML form, a Flash uploader, or on local files. It uses the GD library. This script is released under the GPL Version 2. If your project is not GPL, commercial licenses are available.

CImageModifier changelog

1.1, April 9, 2014
  • Upd: class.upload.php v.0.32. (Changelog)
  • New: opened GitHub repo

    1.0, November 18, 2010
  • Initial release.
  • class.upload.php v.0.30.


GD library


  1. unpack extension into desired location
  2. connect CImageModifier extension:

connection way 1: In your config.php file, in the components section, add the following:

'imagemod' => array(
               //alias to dir, where you unpacked extension
    'class' => 'application.extensions.imagemodifier.CImageModifier',

connection way 2: in your code:

  1. Main usage for uploaded image:
$img = Yii::app()->imagemod->load($_FILES['form_field']);
if ($img->uploaded) {
    $img->image_resize          = true;
    $img->image_ratio_y         = true;
    $img->image_x               = 50;
    $img->file_new_name_body = md5($img->file_src_name);
    if ($img->processed) {
      echo 'image resized';
      $img->clean(); //delete original image
    } else {
      echo 'error : ' . $img->error;

or for static image:

$img = Yii::app()->imagemod->load('path/to/image');
$img->image_resize          = true;
$img->image_ratio_y         = true;
$img->image_x               = 50;
$img->file_new_name_body = md5($img->file_src_name);
if ($img->processed) {
    echo 'image resized';
} else {
    echo 'error : ' . $img->error;



By default this extension uses language set in config.php of your project. But you can change it using


You can see al supported languages in extension /lang dir.


  • Multilingual
  • Big code samples library
  • Good documentation
  • Working with uploaded and static images
  • Will work in any desired unpack dir without rewriting aliases in import functions


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: GPL-2.0
Category: Others
Tags: gd, image
Developed by: GOsha
Created on: Nov 18, 2010
Last updated: 10 years ago


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