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Chilkat is a powerfull library for developers. I would never think PHP without Chilkat and even desktop applications or mobile apps.

Chilkat provides many libraries for developers to handle most of them easily. From E-Mail to RSA, RAR to TAR, Compression and Encryption, Certificate, DSA, File Access and many more. Please take a look its own homepage.

You have to buy Chilkat because its not free. (unfortunately) But i admit that, it deserves every penny.

If you already have chilkat and licensed, just install on server and tryout this extension.

After installing this extension, Chilkat libraries will be automatically included When needed/called.


Yii 1.1 and later is required to use.

Chilkat 9.3.0 need to be installed on the system.

Now with v9.3.1 support.


  1. Export EChilkatLibrary.php into the extension dir.
  2. Export Chilkat folder to the vendors dir.
  3. Use this schema and update your main.php config file.
    'chilkat' =>  array(
'preload'=>array('log', 'chilkat'), // and etx...

This extension requires Chilkat library (php files). You may download Chilkat's its own classes but its single file only and about 450 KB. Which is not flexible. I just split all of them and renamed every classes. This extension only works with my custom vendor folder/lib.


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: Others
Tags: chilkat
Developed by: Gencer
Created on: Mar 2, 2012
Last updated: 6 years ago


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