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Basic User Management (BUM) module aims to be a simple and easy to use module, but in the same time a powerful one in managing users. The module does not intend to "reinvent the wheel", so whenever a task not related with user management is needed, it make use of other great modules (like yii-mail and/or RBAM). This module has a simple and intuitive administration panel and response to basic user administration needs. Enjoy it.

Feedback is welcomed. :)


  • Require Yii 1.1 or above.
  • yii-mail extension

What BUM has to offer

  • users login (using their user name or email address);
  • facebook users login;
  • twitter users login;
  • associate facebook logIn to an existing user;
  • associate twitter logIn to an existing user;
  • user status code (block user access, facebook only, twitter only, normal, special...);
  • activate/deactivate user (users may activate their account by email, clicking on an activate link );
  • manage user (create/update/delete users);
  • view all users (in two different ways);
  • singUp;
  • invite friends;
  • user profile;
  • user private profile;
  • customize some settings (like: allow users to log in if they are not active; is signUp enabled; customise invitation email .... );
  • password reset syste;
  • resend activation link;
  • associate many emails to an user account (with email verification);


  • Download and extract the extension package to protected/modules/bum directory of your application.
  • See the documentation at :bum online documentation for more configuration options and a short installing tutorial.
  • From v3 facebook login is enabled; insert facebook login button by using BUM widget:
$this->widget('facebook_app', array(
          'text'=>'Sign in with <b>Facebook</b>',

in settings you may save your facebook appId and secret.

  • twitter login is enabled; insert twitter login button by using BUM widget:
$this->widget('twitter_app', array(
          'text'=>'Sign in with <b>Twitter</b>',

in settings you may save your twitter customer key and secret.


Change log



  • show if users enabled facebook logIn (on: Manage Users, View all Users and View Private Profile pages)



  • add the possibility to customize email sent by this application (new button in settings area). see: DATABASE CHANGES


  • minor improvement: add a property that allows to update DATETIME statistical fields without the use of triggers;
  • minor BUG fix: please in all tables where TIMESTAMP is defined as not null, ALTER table to make it default as NULL and with no ATTRIBUTES or EXTRA... (DATETIME fields are used just for statistical reasons so no harm if nothing is done);


  • fix script src links (to point at the last sql version; in install tutorial)
  • focus on the user name in logIn page


  • add password reset capability; A user can reset his/hers password base on user name (or email address), a captcha and a verification email with secret a code. see: DATABASE CHANGES


- fix "setting load" bug; (settings were not loaded form the database)
- add new column to the settings table; see [DATABASE CHANGES](http://bum.infoprofessional.ro/index.php?r=bum/install/upgrade&v2_to_v202 "DATABASE CHANGES")


  • Add password_change right: With this right user can change the password without knowing the old password.
  • On install defaults operations/tasks/roles can now be updated, not only created! (This thing is useful if a new operation/task/role has been created.)

2013-03-05 - Version 2 is available; Major improvements: invitations, see demo pages..

2012-12-08 - Modify php code to be compatible with php versions older than 5.4.

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Yii Version: 1.1
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: firefly
Created on: Dec 12, 2012
Last updated: 8 years ago


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