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Yii2 AWS S3

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An Amazon S3 component for Yii2.

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Yii2 AWS S3 uses SemVer.

Version 2.x requires PHP 7. For PHP less 7.0 use 1.x.

About this project

This project is a fork from the excellent project yii2-aws-s3 by frostealth and adnsio.

Upon their work, we add support for IAM role attached to the EC2, which you don't need to insert your credentials.

We will also add support for easier integration with your models, by adding a S3MediaTrait.


  1. Run the Composer command to install the latest version:

    `bash composer require bp-sys/yii2-aws-s3 ~2.0 `

  2. Add the component to config/main.php

    `php 'components' => [

     // ...
     's3' => [
         'class' => 'bpsys\yii2\aws\s3\Service',
         'credentials' => [ // Aws\Credentials\CredentialsInterface|array|callable
             'key' => 'my-key',
             'secret' => 'my-secret',
         'region' => 'my-region',
         'defaultBucket' => 'my-bucket',
         'defaultAcl' => 'public-read',
         'defaultPresignedExpiration' => '+1 hour',
         'endpoint' => 'http://localhost:9000',
     // ...

    ], `

Credentials parameter is optional: if you plan to use IAM roles attached to your EC2 instance there is no need for credentials. Just remove this parameter. Just be cautious if you need those credentials, this may cause errors during execution. Endpoint parameter is optional: You can specify a custom endpoint here. Great for debugging with minio for example.

Basic usage

Usage of the command factory and additional params
/** @var \bpsys\yii2\aws\s3\Service $s3 */
$s3 = Yii::$app->get('s3');

/** @var \Aws\ResultInterface $result */
$result = $s3->commands()->get('filename.ext')->saveAs('/path/to/local/file.ext')->execute();

$result = $s3->commands()->put('filename.ext', 'body')->withContentType('text/plain')->execute();

$result = $s3->commands()->delete('filename.ext')->execute();

$result = $s3->commands()->upload('filename.ext', '/path/to/local/file.ext')->withAcl('private')->execute();

$result = $s3->commands()->restore('filename.ext', $days = 7)->execute();

$result = $s3->commands()->list('path/')->execute();

/** @var bool $exist */
$exist = $s3->commands()->exist('filename.ext')->execute();

/** @var string $url */
$url = $s3->commands()->getUrl('filename.ext')->execute();

/** @var string $signedUrl */
$signedUrl = $s3->commands()->getPresignedUrl('filename.ext', '+2 days')->execute();
Short syntax
/** @var \bpsys\yii2\aws\s3\Service $s3 */
$s3 = Yii::$app->get('s3');

/** @var \Aws\ResultInterface $result */
$result = $s3->get('filename.ext');

$result = $s3->put('filename.ext', 'body');

$result = $s3->delete('filename.ext');

$result = $s3->upload('filename.ext', '/path/to/local/file.ext');

$result = $s3->restore('filename.ext', $days = 7);

$result = $s3->list('path/');

/** @var bool $exist */
$exist = $s3->exist('filename.ext');

/** @var string $url */
$url = $s3->getUrl('filename.ext');

/** @var string $signedUrl */
$signedUrl = $s3->getPresignedUrl('filename.ext', '+2 days'); // Pass only one parameter to get expiration date from component defaults


Advanced usage

/** @var \bpsys\yii2\aws\s3\interfaces\Service $s3 */
$s3 = Yii::$app->get('s3');

/** @var \bpsys\yii2\aws\s3\commands\GetCommand $command */
$command = $s3->create(GetCommand::class);

/** @var \Aws\ResultInterface $result */
$result = $s3->execute($command);

// or async
/** @var \GuzzleHttp\Promise\PromiseInterface $promise */
$promise = $s3->execute($command->async());


Using Traits

Attach the Trait to the model with some media attribute that will be saved in S3:

class Person extends \yii\db\ActiveRecord
    use \bpsys\yii2\aws\s3\traits\S3MediaTrait;
    // ...
$image = \yii\web\UploadedFile::getInstance( $formModel, 'my_file_attribute' );
// Save image as my_image.png on S3 at //my_bucket/images/ path
// $model->image will hold "my_image.png" after this call finish with success
$model->saveUploadedFile( $image, 'image', 'my_image.png' );

// Get the URL to the image on S3
$model->getFileUrl( 'image' );
// Get the presigned URL to the image on S3
// The default duration is "+1 day"
$model->getFilePresignedUrl( 'image' );

// Remove the file with named saved on the image attribute
// Continuing the example, here "//my_bucket/images/my_image.png" will be deleted from S3
$model->removeFile( 'image' );

// Save my_image.* to S3 on //my_bucket/images/ path
// The extension of the file will be determined by the submitted file type
// This allows multiple file types upload (png,jpg,gif,...)
$model->saveUploadedFile( $image, 'image', 'my_image', true );



Yii2 AWS S3 is licensed under the MIT License.

See the LICENSE file for more information.

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