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Yii2 bot telegram

  1. Create your first bot
  2. Installation
  3. Method list usable
  4. Usage
  5. Usage in controller
  6. Sample Code:


Create your first bot

  1. Message @botfather with the following text: `/newbotIf you don't know how to message by username, click the search field on your Telegram app and type@botfather`, where you should be able to initiate a conversation. Be careful not to send it to the wrong contact, because some users has similar usernames to `botfather`.


  2. @botfather replies with `Alright, a new bot. How are we going to call it? Please choose a name for your bot`.

  3. Type whatever name you want for your bot.

  4. @botfather replies with `Good. Now let's choose a username for your bot. It must end in bot. Like this, for example: PostManGoBot or PostManGo_bot`.

  5. Type whatever username you want for your bot, minimum 5 characters, and must end with bot. For example: `PostMan_bot`.

  6. @botfather replies with: ` Done! Congratulations on your new bot. You will find it at You can now add a description, about section and profile picture for your bot, see /help for a list of commands.

    Use this token to access the HTTP API: 123456789:AAG90e14-0f8-40183D-18491dDE

    For a description of the Bot API, see this page: `

  7. Note down the 'token' mentioned above.

  8. Type `/setprivacy` to @botfather.


  9. @botfather replies with `Choose a bot to change group messages settings`.

  10. Type (or select) @PostMan_bot (change to the username you set at step 5 above, but start it with @)

  11. @botfather replies with.
    'Enable' - your bot will only receive messages that either start with the '/' symbol or mention the bot by username.
    'Disable' - your bot will receive all messages that people send to groups.
    Current status is: ENABLED
  12. Type (or select) `Disable` to let your bot receive all messages sent to a group. This step is up to you actually.

  13. @botfather replies with `Success! The new status is: DISABLED. /help`


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require aki/yii2-bot-telegram "*"

or add

"aki/yii2-bot-telegram": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.

Method list usable

list methods getMe sendMessage forwardMessage sendPhoto sendAudio sendDocument sendSticker sendVideo sendLocation sendChatAction getUserProfilePhotos getUpdates setWebhook getChat getChatAdministrators getChatMembersCount getChatMember answerCallbackQuery editMessageText editMessageCaption sendGame Game Animation CallbackGame getGameHighScores GameHighScore answerInlineQuery setChatStickerSet deleteChatStickerSet leaveChat pinChatMessage unpinChatMessage setChatDescription setChatTitle deleteChatPhoto exportChatInviteLink promoteChatMember restrictChatMember unbanChatMember kickChatMember editMessageLiveLocation stopMessageLiveLocation


first add to config.php

'components' => [
	'telegram' => [
        'class' => 'aki\telegram\Telegram',
        'botToken' => '112488045:AAGs6CVXgaqC92pvt1u0L6Azfsdfd',

Once the extension is installed, simply use it in your code by :

<?php Yii::$app->telegram->sendMessage([
	'chat_id' => $chat_id,
	'text' => 'test',
]); ?>

send message width inline keyboard by:

<?php Yii::$app->telegram->sendMessage([
        'chat_id' => $chat_id,
        'text' => 'this is test',
        'reply_markup' => json_encode([
                    ['text'=>"refresh",'callback_data'=> time()]
    ] ?>

send photo by :

<?php Yii::$app->telegram->sendPhoto([
	'chat_id' => $chat_id,
	'photo' => 'path/to/test.jpg',
	'caption' => 'this is test'
]); ?>

Usage in controller

First of all you need to disable the enableCsrfValidation feature in the controller

The robot is currently running from your server But when we start /start run the robot from the telegram application on the mobile, the request does not reach the action inside the controller because the telegram sends the request to the POST and yii requests it without csrf Sends Bad Request (# 400). So then the code doesn't run inside your method

Consider the following example `php class SiteController extends Controller {

public $enableCsrfValidation = false;

public function actionIndex()
    $res = Yii::$app->telegram->sendMessage([
        'chat_id' => $chat_id,
        'text' => 'hello world!!' 

} `

Sample Code:

How to get user chat_id from the bot ?

>__You can use : $telegram->input->message->chat->id to get chat_id__

Sample widget class :

$telegram = Yii::$app->telegram;
$res = $telegram->sendMessage([
	'chat_id' => $telegram->input->message->chat->id,
	'text' => "salam"
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