aminkt/yii2-alert-widget Advanced Alert widget for yii2 applications.

How to install this widget:

Step1: Run below command composer require aminkt/yii2-alert-widget

Or add flowing line to require part of composer.json : "aminkt/yii2-alert-widget": "*",

And then run bellow command in your composer : Composer update aminkt/yii2-bootstrap-ajax-modal-widget

Step2: Add flowing lines in your application view file:

<?php echo \aminkt\widgets\alert\Alert::widget() ?>

Note: You can use below methods to set an alert: `php \aminkt\widgets\alert\Alert::success("Title", "Message"); \aminkt\widgets\alert\Alert::error("Title", "Message"); \aminkt\widgets\alert\Alert::warning("Title", "Message"); \aminkt\widgets\alert\Alert::info("Title", "Message");

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: (not set)
Category: User Interface
Tags: alert
Developed by: Amin Keshavarz
Created on: Mar 26, 2018
Last updated: (not set)
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