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Created 4 years ago by Ankit Modi, updated 4 years ago by Ankit Modi.

How to show Image view after upload and delete view image using eajaxupload extension

Hi Friends, In this tutorial you can use the eajaxupload-extension ,

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Created 4 years ago by Asmaa, updated 4 years ago by Asmaa.

How to display images in CJuiAutoComplete without extenstions

I wanted to customize the CJuiAutoComplete, so that it displays a thumb image before the label like the one shown in the following image:

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Created 2 years ago by softark, updated 2 years ago by Patrick Jones.

A Single Page with a List and a Detail

The CRUD generator of Gii has done a wonderful job for you, and you already have a list of items in the "index" page and a detailed view of a specified item in the "view" page.

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Version: 2.0
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Created 4 years ago by Kartik V, updated 4 years ago by Kartik V.

Overcoming removal of client helpers (e.g. ajaxLink) and ClientScript in Yii 2.0

Alternatively, inline assets (JS/CSS) can be registered at runtime from within the View. For example you can clearly simulate the ajaxLink feature using a inline javascript. Its however recommended if you can merge where possible, client code (JS/CSS) into separate JS/CSS files and loaded through the AssetBundle. Note there is no more need of a CClientScript anymore:

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Version: 2.0
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Created 3 years ago by skworden, updated 6 months ago by Yii3.

Render Form in popup via AJAX (Create and Update) with ajax validation & Also load any page via ajax Yii 2.0 (2.3)

There are a few issues with the other solutions I originally used that I found from other wikis. I address the issues I had in this much simpler and shorter way. I am also going to explain what is going into way more detail than others to help people understand what's going on.

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