How to get SEO friendly URL using Model and new getUrl() function

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We all need SEO friendly URLs for our projects. its not always good to call route with params so we can generalise it for all models using a common function.

Following the general convention of model and control sharing common name, we can use this code to get seo friendly URL.

public function getControllerID() {
		$modelClass = get_class ( $this );
		$pos = strrpos ( $modelClass, '\\' );
		$class = substr ( $modelClass, $pos + 1 );
		return Inflector::camel2id ( $class );
	public function getUrl($action = 'view', $id = null) {
		$params = [ 
				$this->getControllerID () . '/' . $action 
		if ($id != null)
			$params ['id'] = $id;
			$params ['id'] = $this->id;
		// add the title parameter to the URL
		$params ['title'] = ( string ) $this;
		// absolute url
		return Yii::$app->getUrlManager ()->createAbsoluteUrl ( $params, true );

In code code where ever you need to url to a model , you just call $model->url or $model->getUrl('view').

You may have to additionally update urlManager in config with rules for pretty url.

'<controller:[A-Za-z-]+>/<id:\d+>/<title>' => '<controller>/view',
								'<controller:[A-Za-z-]+>/<id:\d+>' => '<controller>/view',
								'<controller:post>/<id:\d+>/<title>' => 'blog/view',
								'<controller:[A-Za-z-]+>/<action:[A-Za-z-]+>/<id:\d+>/<title>' => '<controller>/<action>',
								'<controller:[A-Za-z-]+>/<action:[A-Za-z-]+>/<id:\d+>' => '<controller>/<action>',

you will get url like this.


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