How to show a Captcha in CForm?

In this wiki I will show how could use a Captcha in yii CForm. The easy way to show captcha image is create a form using CHtml method & CActiveForm, but CForm also should be able to show a captcha.

In your components -

Create a widget MyCaptcha.php

class MyCaptcha extends CCaptcha
   public $model;
   public $attribute;
   public function run(){
       echo CHtml::activeTextField($this->model, $this->attribute);

Add this into your contoller, to show the captcha image.

public function actions()
   return array(

in view, your CForm like -

return array(
    'title'=>'Please provide your login credential',
	          'type'=>'MyCaptcha',   //render the captcha image & text field.

Try this way it's working fine :)..

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