How to show Image view after upload and delete view image using eajaxupload extension

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Hi Friends, In this tutorial you can use the eajaxupload-extension ,

After image upload How to see image view after uploaded like

using this extension

1) copy that code on view file

but make sure your uploaded image file is correct

<div class="row">
		<?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'liquor_logo'); ?>
		<?php $this->widget('ext.EAjaxUpload.EAjaxUpload',
					   'sizeLimit'=>10*1024*1024,// maximum file size in bytes
					   'onComplete'=>"js:function(id, fileName, responseJSON){
										  var filename = responseJSON['filename'];
										  var success = responseJSON['success'];
											if(success == true)
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new .uploadClass').html(filename);
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new .uploadClass').removeClass('displaynone');
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new .deleteImage').removeClass('displaynone');
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new #liquor_add_logo').val(filename);
												 jQuery('#uploadFile_new .qq-upload-button input').attr('disabled','disabled'); 
																		 jQuery('#image').html('<img class=\'margin_t10\' height=\'50px\' src=" . Yii::app()->baseUrl . '/upload/liquor/' . "'+filename+'><div class=\'deleteImage active float_r\'><img onclick=\'removeLiquorImage(\"'+filename+'\");\' src=" . Yii::app()->baseUrl . "/images/delete_image.png alt=\'Remove image\'></div>')
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new #liquor_add_logo').val('');
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new .uploadClass').html('');
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new .uploadClass').addClass('displaynone');
												 jQuery('.reg_div_new .deleteImage').addClass('displaynone');
												 jQuery('#uploadFile_new .qq-upload-button input').removeAttr('disabled','disabled'); 
										 'typeError'=>"{file} has invalid extension. Only {extensions} are allowed.",
										 'sizeError'=>"{file} is too large, maximum file size is {sizeLimit}.",
										 'minSizeError'=>"{file} is too small, minimum file size is {minSizeLimit}.",
										 'emptyError'=>"{file} is empty, please select files again without it.",
										 'onLeave'=>"The files are being uploaded, if you leave now the upload will be cancelled."
					   'showMessage'=>"js:function(message){ alert(message); }"
		)); ?>  
		<div id="image"></div>
		<?php echo $form->error($model,'liquor_logo'); ?>
         <div class="reg_div_new"> 
			<?php echo $form->hiddenField($model, 'liquor_logo',array('id'=>'liquor_add_logo')); ?>
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