How to Enhance a CGridView

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  1. 1.Make a CGridView keep the selection between page changes
  2. 2.Make a CGridView column to be editable.

by: Christian Salazar (bluyell, @salazachris74,

Yes i know CGridView is very complex and complete, but two things are not covered by default: 1. Make items selected no matter if we change the page and 2. make a column to be editable.

This two things have a nice solution proposed by me, making my effort to have no bugs, if so please report.

1.Make a CGridView keep the selection between page changes

This extension (ekeepselection extension) solves the problem and it is very easy to implement.

To make it works:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
        'id'=>'my-gridview',                  // IMPORTANT
        'selectableRows'=>2,                  // 2 = allow multiple 
        'dataProvider'=> $anyDataProvider,
            array('class'=>'CCheckBoxColumn'),  // ADD A CCheckBoxColumn
$dummy = new EKeepSelection('#my-gridview');

to receive the selected changes then use jQuery:

var selected_items = $('#my-gridview').keepSelectionData();
// selected_items is an array, not a string
// use: $.each(selected_items, function(k, value){ .. })

2.Make a CGridView column to be editable.

This extension makes the stuff by implementing a special column: eeditable extension

In order to make it works you need to add a special kind of column:

'class'=>'EEditableColumn' (and its extra attributes)

    $grid_id = 'some-grid-view';
    $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
                'class'=>'EEditableColumn', 'editable_type'=>'editbox',

And this is the code required at server side to handle the change value event:

public function actionAjaxEditColumn(){
        $keyvalue   = $_POST["keyvalue"];   // ie: 'userid123'
        $name       = $_POST["name"];   // ie: 'firstname'
        $old_value  = $_POST["old_value"];  // ie: 'patricia'
        $new_value  = $_POST["new_value"];  // ie: '  paTTy '
        // do some stuff here, and return the value to be displayed..
        $new_value = ucfirst(trim($new_value));
        echo $new_value;            // Patty

In hope it will be usefull for you..!

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