Tags manipulation using Select2 in single field

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Sometime its very important to perform many actions/operation with limited time frame for friendly use, select2 provides a lot of such functionality , I just extend it tags functionality to provide a quick use for developer to save time, as I spent much time on it.

I this tutorial we will add , delete , list all all and probably update tags. I my case ,I have three tables Feedback, Tag, Feedbacktags. For feedbacktags and tags are important .

Feedbacktags(id, feedback_id, tag_id),
Tag(id, name,….)

  • Load all tags to text field
echo CHtml::textField('Tags','',array('id'=>'tags','class'=>'span5','cols'=>'45','rows'=>'3'));
                            'tags'=>  Feedback::getTags(), // you tags list 
                            'htmlOptions' => array(
                           'multiple' => 'multiple',
  • Define method in Feedback model to have a tags assigned to it (if so)
public function getAssignedTagsIDs($id)
    // for deleting in tag section
     $models= FeedbackTags::model()->findAll('feedback_id='.$id);
     $result = array();
     foreach ($models AS $employee) {
         $result[] = $employee->tag_id;
     return $result;
  • In your controller where your adding tags like in update
if (isset($_POST['Tags'])) {  // Tags exits 
                            $tagsList = explode(',', $_POST['Tags']);
                            $currentTagsList = array();  // current tags 
                            $previousTagsList2 = Feedback::getAssignedTagsIDs($feedbackModel->id);
                            foreach ($tagsList as $TagValue) {  // added to list 
                                $isExists = Tags::model()->find('name=:name', array(':name' => $TagValue));
                                if (count($isExists) > 0) {
                                    // update currentTagList
                                } else {
                                    // add new and update currentTagList
                                    $tagNew = new Tags;
                                    $tagNew->name = $TagValue;
                                    if ($tagNew->save()) {
                             $deletedList=array_diff($previousTagsList2, $currentTagsList); // deleted list
                             $addedList=array_diff($currentTagsList, $previousTagsList2);  // added list
                            foreach ($addedList as $add) {  // added new items
                                       $tag2 = new FeedbackTags;
                                        $tag2->feedback_id = $feedback_id;
                                        $tag2->tag_id = $add;
                                foreach ($deletedList as $deleted) {  // deleted list if exits
                                    FeedbackTags::model()->find('tag_id='.$deleted .' AND feedback_id='.$feedbackModel->id)->delete();
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