Yii CGridView add custom button

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Hi buddies !, This tutorial shows about how to add a custom button with your own icon for your CGridView of Yii framework

Step 1 Add a new array element under 'class' => 'CButtonColumn' as follow The default buttons are

'template' => '{view}{update}{delete}',

Now I am adding a new button for reply

'template' => '{reply}{view}{update}{delete}',

Step 2 Then add a new element in the name reply under button array as follows

'buttons' => array(
               'reply' => array( //the name {reply} must be same
                 'label' => 'Reply', // text label of the button
                   'url' => 'CHtml::normalizeUrl(array("dashboard/mail/id/".rawurlencode($data->feedback_email)."/f_id/".$data->feedback_id))', //Your URL According to your wish
                      'imageUrl' => Yii::app()->baseUrl . '/images/reply_mail_icon.png', // image URL of the button. If not set or false, a text link is used, The image must be 16X16 pixels

For more field definitions of buttons array check CButtonColumn