Beginner / Intro Tutorials (please add to / update this list)

This is a central location to collect links to "Getting Started" documentation beyond the blog demo and Creating First Yii Application. Please help the community by adding general, introductory links and descriptions to this page.

Never worked with a framework? Larry's Yii Tutorials are a great place to start, and the whoopass tutorial is worth a perusal, as is its forum thread: Where to Start with Yii.

Kevin Korb's Yii Framework + MySQL tutorial is clear and concise.

Questions? The General Discussion forum is the place to ask.

The Tips, Snippets and Tutorials forum, help ranging from introductory to advanced topics.

Dynamic Parent-Child GridViews This wiki is a must-read for any Yii beginner (even if you don't use dynamic gridviews). It explains a lot about what is going on in models, views, controllers, relations, ajax functions, some sql, CGridview sorting/filtering on default and related models, extracting data from GridView rows and columns, sort dropdownlist, sending dropdownlist selected rows to the controller, etc. It also includes some cool tips and features.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that I've happened across, please help make this a valuable resource for beginning Yii fans and add your favorite intro website.

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