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Since Yii 1.1.14, a CLocalizedFormatter is available.

To replace the application component 'format', which is registered by CApplication by default, you can put this in your application 'components' config:

'format' => array('class' => 'CLocalizedFormatter'),

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The default CFormatter (accessible through Yii::app()->format) is not locale aware, unfortunately. Until it is, here is a quick and easy way to localize it, by extending the default class.

Put this file in your protected/components.

class LocalizedFormatter extends CFormatter
	 * Initializes this class.
	public function init()
		switch (Yii::app()->language) {
			case 'nl':
				$this->dateFormat = 'd-m-Y';
				$this->timeFormat = 'H:i:s';
				$this->datetimeFormat = 'd-m-Y H:i:s';
				$this->numberFormat = array(
				$this->booleanFormat = array('Nee', 'Ja');
			// Add more language cases according to your needs        

And set the following in your config/main.php

'components' => array(
    'format' => array(
        'class' => 'LocalizedFormatter',
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