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To start with you need to download the latest stable release of FCKeditor. Extract the downloaded file and place the fckeditor/ folder in your applications webroot directory.

Next to do is to download the Yii FCKeditor extension, created by Ascomae. Extract the downloaded file, and place the fckeditor/ widget folder in your web applications protected/extensions/ directory.

Configuring the FCKeditorWidget ΒΆ

In the view where you want to use the FCKeditorWidget:

<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.fckeditor.FCKEditorWidget',array(
            'model'     =>  $model,
            'attribute' => 'Text',
            'height'    =>  '400px',
            'width'     =>  '100%',
            'fckeditor' =>  dirname(Yii::app()->basePath).'/fckeditor/fckeditor.php',
            'fckBasePath' => Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/fckeditor/')
); ?>
  • the model property is the instance of the Model to be associated with.
  • attribute the Model attribute to be associated with.
  • fckeditor, the path to the fckeditor php file.
  • fckBasePath, the url to the editor frontend to be loaded inside the iframe.

If those instructions have been followed exactly the FCKeditor should work correctly.

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