Yii 1.1: fckeditor-integration

FCKEditor-Integration (Discontinued)

With this extension you can use the FCKEditor (www.fckeditor.net) within your Yii-Application.




  • Yii 1.0 or above
  • FCKEditor
    • The FCKEditor have to be configured. The Javascript of the Editor must be included to the head-section of the Application.


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions
  • Extract the fckeditor to a webRoot-Subfolder


See the following code example:

<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.fckeditor.FCKEditorWidget',array(
    "model"=>$pages,                # Data-Model
    "attribute"=>'content',         # Attribute in the Data-Model
    "toolbarSet"=>'Basic',          # EXISTING(!) Toolbar (see: fckeditor.js)
                                    # Path to fckeditor.php
                                    # Realtive Path to the Editor (from Web-Root)
    "config" => array("EditorAreaCSS"=>Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/css/index.css',),
                                    # Additional Parameter (Can't configure a Toolbar dynamicly)
) ); ?>

Change Log

September 15, 2010

  • Use without a model

May 18, 2009

  • ToolbarSet can be configured

January 3, 2009

  • Code cleaned
  • New Configuration-Parameter "BasePath"

January 2, 2009

  • Initial release.
  • Starting a googlecode-Project

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#9016 report it
Dark-Sun at 2012/07/13 02:56am
an updated version of this extension which works with CKeditor 3


tested with CKEditor 3.6

updated by me :)

#7424 report it
Temir at 2012/03/22 12:38am
is it outdated?

www.fckeditor.net redirects to ckeditor.com and download file is also ckeditor...

#104 report it
Zifius at 2010/09/15 08:01am
New version out

New version has been released incorporating the suggested improvements and minor fixes. Head to http://code.google.com/p/yii-fckeditor-integration/ for download

#585 report it
giobien5 at 2010/04/17 06:44am
this is bugs? about image

I use this ext in localhost OK ,But on host when upload image or copy news,it OK But all path of image were change to wrong when save in database . Please help me fix it.

#1332 report it
Ascomae at 2009/09/05 12:13pm
Ys it can ...

... but this extension is just some kind of "glue-code" between the Yii-Framework and the fck-editor (fckeditor.net).

You need to install and configure the fckeditor (Version 2.X) as well.

And you must be aware of security.

The fckseditor comes with deactivated upload-functionallity.

#1481 report it
TXGruppi at 2009/07/22 09:09am
Work without model

I made two small changes in the extension to work without a model.

The amendments are on the links below: FCKEditorWidget.php fCKEditorWidget.php

Congratulations on the extension.

-- Translated by Google Translator

#1592 report it
Ismael at 2009/06/11 06:33pm
Bug found

In the file "FCKEditorWidget.php"

if(!isset($this->fckeditor)){ throw new CHttpException(500,'"fckBasePath" have to be set!'); }

Shouldn't be? if(!isset($this->fckBasePath)){

You have 2 'ifs' equal.

Anyway, great extension!

#1643 report it
Lollinger.de at 2009/05/26 07:39am
Can't change the Toolbars

First, great Job, nice Extension.

But i have a problem with the customizing of the toolbars. If i choose a different toolbar as Basic and Default i get an Error that the Toolbar doesnt exists. I have configured my toolbar in fckconfig.js. If i change one of the two existing Toolbars, the editor would not change, it remains as the first time.

#1678 report it
bitmatix at 2009/05/13 06:40am
Great, but 2 questions

Seems like there could only be 1 FCKEditor per page. Need to have two ore more, is it possible?

How can the type of the toolbar be changed?

#1896 report it
jjmf at 2009/01/03 01:24pm
Some adjustments need to make it work

First of all, nice job! I had to make some minor adjustments to make it work. 1 - use <?php instead of <? at the beginning of fCKEditorWidget.php view. 2 - Remove all trailing spaces at the end of that same file and from the widget php file also. 3 - adjust the $oFCKeditor->BasePath variable in the view file to reflect the correct path of my fckeditor. Perhaps a variable for this? or detect from the $fckeditor property?

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