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SVG/PNG CHtml:image replacement to provide SVG when the browser supports it.

Created about 1 hours ago by le_topTips0 comments – viewed 131 times – ( +1 ) – version 1.1
Modern browsers support SVG, older browsers do not. This replacement for CHtml::image() allows you to handle to propose SVG in an efficient way with PNG as a fallback.

Yii2: Configuring different sessions for backend and frontend in Yii Advanced Application Template

Created about 8 hours ago by hrnairHow-tos1 comment – viewed 326 times – ( +1 ) – version 2.0
This is as an extension of this wiki by Kartik V which shows to make different enableAutoLogin cookies for frontend and backend.

Easy way to redirect http:\\localhost\yii2-basic to http:\\localhost\yii2-basic\web\index.php

Created about 19 hours ago by Scott_HuangTips0 comments – viewed 484 times – version 2.0
First of all, install yii2 basic template according below link:

Use CGridview to sort and filter CSqlDataProvider - when used with UNRELATED tables (or complex queries)

Created 5 days ago by Gerhard LiebenbergHow-tos4 comments – viewed 738 times – version 1.1
I have two tables called hospitals and departments. I have a junction table between them which holds the departments in each hospital. But sometimes I need a list of "All hospitals with All possible departments" - regardless of whether they are linked in the junction table or not.

Add model validator in Controller

Created 8 days ago by KonApazTips4 comments – viewed 1,035 times – ( +1 / -1 ) – version 1.1
There are cases that model validators should be depended by controller/action and you couldn't manipulate on the model class or using scenarios in easy way

Step by step for how to full export Yii2 grid to excel

Created 9 days ago by Scott_HuangTips2 comments – viewed 1,182 times – version 2.0
We will leverage Yii2-excelview widget. So, first of all is install Yii2-excelview:

Uploading Default Image

Created 12 days ago by vijay p sTutorials1 comment – viewed 1,375 times – ( +1 / -1 ) – version 1.1
This Article is about the Uploding a default Image.
tags: yii, Image upload

Simple Way to Upload and Save File

Created 12 days ago by Misbahul D MunirTutorials0 comments – viewed 1,652 times – version 2.0
This tutorial need extension mdmsoft/yii2-upload-file. Follow the intruction to install. After installation done, create controller and action

Yii 2.0: Write & use a custom Component in Yii2.0 (Advanced Template)

Created 13 days ago by Deepak PradhanHow-tos0 comments – viewed 1,388 times – version 2.0
This is an extension to Yii 2.0: Write & use a custom Component in Yii2.0 for Advanced Template

Create Form With DynamicModel

Created 13 days ago by Misbahul D MunirTips2 comments – viewed 1,306 times – version 2.0
In yii2 we can create form without create FormModel. Here we go
tags: form, yii2, model