Yii 1.1: the-ckeditor-integration

Yii Integrator for CKEditor

With this extension you can use the CKEditor (http://ckeditor.com/) within your Yii-Application.


  • Yii 1.0 or above
  • CKEditor
    • the CKEditor must be beside (protected, css,...) (DON'T put the CKEditor in /protected it won't work!)


  • extract the released file under protected/extensions
  • Download and extract the CKEditor in a directory under web-root. (beside 'css' or 'protected')


see this code:

<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.TheCKEditor.theCKEditorWidget',array(
    'model'=>$pages,                # Data-Model (form model)
    'attribute'=>'content',         # Attribute in the Data-Model
    'toolbarSet'=>'Basic',          # EXISTING(!) Toolbar (see: ckeditor.js)
                                    # Path to ckeditor.php
                                    # Relative Path to the Editor (from Web-Root)
    'css' => Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/css/index.css',
                                    # Additional Parameters
) ); ?>

more optional parameters:

'config' => array('toolbar'=>array(
         array( 'Source', '-', 'Bold', 'Italic', 'Underline', 'Strike' ),
        array( 'Image', 'Link', 'Unlink', 'Anchor' ),


this extension is built upon "FCKeditor-integration" extension which is outdated now

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ptv1p3r at 2014/05/19 09:17am
Missing ckeditor.php

For all you guy's having the same problem, there's no ckeditor.php file in the zip file for the latest version (4.4.0).

Simply download the oldest from the website (, and extract ckeditor.php and ckeditor_php4.php and ckeditor_php5.php, add them to ckeditor folder and that's it, all is working.

#15357 report it
nishant-shrivastava at 2013/10/31 09:17am
Where can I get ckeditor.php file.


I saw the configuration and the usage, as you have mentioned above. The place where I have been stuck is, I want to know what should I put in the ckfinder.php file. I think it is for initialization, but what should I put in there..?

#15356 report it
nishant-shrivastava at 2013/10/31 07:38am
Download Link

Where is the downloadable link of the extension..?

#14439 report it
Narender Negi at 2013/08/12 02:21am
How to hide toolbar

How to hide toolbar in ckeditor

#10574 report it
VladimirV at 2012/11/05 03:09pm
A little fix

Thanks, But if you want it to work on Linux, you should replace: application.extensions.TheCKEditor.theCKEditorWidget with application.extensions.TheCKEditor.TheCKEditorWidget

#9299 report it
Dark-Sun at 2012/08/02 08:51am
download link provided

sorry I forget to put the download link here, since the project is on github it's best to get the latest version there. by the way the download file is most updated one so far. (i try to keep it update)

#9297 report it
damnated at 2012/08/02 08:12am

The download link is with Waldo?

EDIT: Sorry for being an a-hole man. Thanks for uploading.

#9295 report it
maxazan at 2012/08/02 06:21am
where is release?

Where is downloadeble extension? :)

#9152 report it
Nabi at 2012/07/24 08:25am

Great, Thanks Ali ;-)

#9150 report it
Dark-Sun at 2012/07/24 08:22am
wiki page


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