Using sub query for doubletts

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at first find doubletts by db fields:

$model=new MyModel('search');
$criteria=new CDbCriteria();
$criteria->group = 'col1,col2,col3';
$criteria->having = 'COUNT(col1) > 1 AND COUNT(col2) > 1 AND COUNT(col3) > 1';

get the subquery:


add the subquery condition:

$mainCriteria=new CDbCriteria();
$mainCriteria->condition=' (col1,col2,col3) in ('.$subQuery.') ';
$mainCriteria->order = 'col1,col2,col3';

how to use:

$result = MyModel::model()->findAll($mainCriteria);

$dataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('MyModel', array(
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